Beauty Services for Busy Mums in 2 hours or less

by The First Refresh

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Between picking your kids up from school, sending them for tuition, and then the mom duties that follow after - where do you find a little time for you

Our services here at The First Refresh are tailored by mums, for mums - because we understand that every moment is precious when you’re a mum. With our superstar mums in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our housecall beauty services that can be completed in 2 hours or less. Our Beauty Consultants can come to you in as little as 2 hours from your booking, which means you can book in an impromptu pamper session if you find yourself in the middle of a free evening or afternoon! 

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Nail Oasis (2 hours) 

From 105 SGD

Treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure or both - with our Nail Oasis. Soak, scrub and massage your way to an evening of much needed respite and relaxation. Our Nail Oasis includes removal, a warming foot bath and the whole nail works, ensuring that your nail appointment is not just about the finished look - but the whole experience. 

Brow Lamination + Lash Lift/Tint (1 hour) 

From 105 SGD

Filling in your brows every morning can take a significant amount of time out of your morning routine - and especially when you’re a mum, every moment counts! Our Brow Lamination lifts and tints your natural brows, giving them a fuller, thicker look. Give them a quick brush daily and you’ll be all set!

This treatment lasts 3-4 weeks, and provides a non-invasive, temporary eyebrow lift that frames your face. What’s more - opt for a lash lift and tint on top of your brow lamination, starting at 90 SGD. Our brow and lash bundle is priced lower as they utilise the same solutions and similar techniques. Your Beauty Consultant will be able to carry out the lash lift and tint while waiting for your brow pigments to set in. 

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Brow Henna + Lash Lift/Tint (1 hour)

From 105 SGD

If you’re looking for a more temporary brow treatment, and lamination isn’t for you - consider our Brow Henna. With results more similar to brow embroidery, Brow Henna creates a depth and fullness that lasts 10-14 days. Our henna solutions are Halal-certified, known for their lasting nature, and contain plant-based dyes that will give your brows a lift without strong and harmful chemicals. 

Our Lash Lift and Tint is also available to add on with your Brow Henna, starting at 90 SGD. 

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Lash Extensions (1.5 hours)

From 120 SGD

Our Lash Lab simplifies your makeup routine with near-weightless, silk or mink lash extensions. Lasting 2-4 weeks (depending on aftercare and maintenance), say goodbye to getting your mascara just right in the morning - or having to worry about smudges throughout the day. 

From natural to voluminous and everything in between, our Beauty Consultants are able to advise you on the curl and length of your extensions - to achieve your desired look.

Our Brow Henna and Brow Lamination is also available to add on with every Lash Lab, from 70 SGD. 

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Timesavers (2 hours) 

From 210 SGD 

Our timesavers consist of specially-tailored bundles - curated by mums, for mums. By sending two consultants to you, get two services done for the time of one. Pair our Nail Oasis with a facial, a lash lift + tint, or lash extensions. 

Modelled after our timeless beauty icons, the timesavers are designed to give you the best of beauty in the shortest time possible, straight from wherever you are. 

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Facials (from 1 hour)

From 130 SGD 

What better way to wrap up your quiet evening than with a relaxing facial? Our curated collection of facials are designed to give you the best of relaxation straight from the comfort of home. From anti-ageing, purifying, hydrating to brightening - you’re sure to find something suited to you. 

Add on a rose quartz lifting massage, LED light therapy, or an extended at-home massage. Browse our other add-on refreshers available with every facial here.