5 reasons to book The First Refresh’s Timesavers

by The First Refresh

Image by Jared Rice via Unsplash, pictured is a well-lit bathroom in modern design with a bath tub, shower and sink

From busy moms to workaholics and sophisticated career women, finding time for yourself can be challenging. These days, it’s easy for self-pampering to somehow find itself at the bottom of our to-do lists. Here at The First Refresh, we believe that makes putting time aside for self-care all the more necessary. 

We’ve tailored the best of beauty into our Timesaving Services - where you can complete two beauty services at the same time. Double the pampering, in half the time. 

Here are 5 reasons to book in a timesaver: 

Save on the extra commute 

Save on the commute to and from the spa, because our at-home timesaving services come straight to you. Spa services are all about treating yourself to the ultimate relaxation, so what could be more relaxing than being at home? Specially for ladies with busy schedules or family obligations, schedule a timesaver in between your meetings and cut the extra commute. We know for sure that it’ll definitely take out the stress of rushing home in time for the next item on your agenda.

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Personalized services tailored to you

We’re big fans of optimizing one’s time and killing two birds with one stone. We also know how it feels to go scrolling through your calendar app trying to remember when exactly Nails day was, when Lashes day was, and which weekend Facial day was. 

So why not combine some of them on the same day? From The Monroe, The Diana to The Hepburn - choose between a facial, lash lift or lash extensions to accompany your spa mani pedi. Giving you a great base to get started on your glow up, our timesavers are tailored to fit your beauty needs. 

Image by Hutomo Abrianto via Unsplash, pictured is a white minimalist table and chair corner in modern design

Save Time 

With two Beauty Consultants sent to you to complete two beauty services at the same time, you’ll not only cut the time spent going to the salon, but the time spent waiting to complete 2 different services. Bonus for busy moms - guilty-free pampering for yourself when you don’t have to leave your little ones. 

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Pick the Location 

If home isn’t the most convenient, our Beauty Consultants travel our sunny island to a location of your choice. Whether that is the office or gym.

Save Money 

Besides the cost of a beauty service at a regular salon, the oft-overlooked ancillary costs of travel, babysitters, or that iced coffee or sweet treat you purchase on your way home, all add up. 

If you’re looking for a reason to get that much-needed hour or two of pampering - this is it. With work, motherhood or just life getting in the way, we all need that time off to indulge in ourselves. Our Timesavers aim to make this moment of relaxation accessible to you - at just a tap away.