5 Ways to Look and Feel Great While Working from Home

by The First Refresh

It’s easy to fall into the rabbit hole of sloth when working from home. Snoozing for an additional hour and rolling up to your laptop while you’re still in PJs can feel like the most natural thing. Before you know it, you haven’t stood up to move for the last five hours and your hair and skin are still in a mess. And hang on, did you brush your teeth?

The precious time saved on commuting and pantry chit-chats can actually be channelled into pre-work activities that can boost your productivity for the day. Also, by investing a few minutes on grooming, you’ll exude that radiant complexion for Zoom meetings (#nofilterneeded). 

As WFH is set to become the default in Singapore thanks to Covid-19, here are some tips you can follow to make you look and feel great each work day in the comfort of your nest.

1 | Change into fresh clothes

Just the action of getting out of your sleepwear signals that you are ready to step into a new day and sets you in a positive mood for the tasks ahead of you. You don’t have to put on a full face of makeup—though you can, of course—or put on that power suit; even workout clothes of your favourite T-shirt can have the desired effect.

2 | Have an AM skincare routine

Just because you won’t be seeing your colleagues and clients in person doesn’t mean you should slack off in the skincare department. Think of your morning skincare like a mini spa session—work in a little facial massage and a divine-smelling mask in the shower. This short 10 minutes of self-care will perk you up and give you that glowing complexion on your virtual meetings without the need for any filter. While at it, if you’re working by the window, be sure to put on sunscreen as UV rays can come through the home too.

3 | Eat well, and on time

Just like you would go for lunch at roughly the same time each day with your colleagues at the office, be disciplined about taking a meal break at midday. This prevents overeating, which happens when you head to lunch late and hangry. Scientists have also found that eating regularly scheduled meals helps you keep a healthier blood pressure and BMI over time.

4 | Get up and move

For years, doctors and scientists have been warning about the health perils of sitting too much. A sedentary lifestyle is a big cause of chronic problems like heart disease, weight gain, stiffness and more. Plus, staying put at your desk all day can make you feel caged in. Set your timer for every hour to remind you to get moving, be it to buy lunch from the nearby eatery, do housework, perform a few squats and lunges—no one’s there to give you funny looks—or simply take a bathroom break.

5 | Take your work out of the bedroom

Working in the bedroom or worse, in bed, can keep your mind wired at night, causing insomnia, which will make you feel and look worse in the long run. Intentionally carve out a specific space for work only so your bedroom remains a sacred place for rest. 

Finally, have a routine that signals the end of the work day—this could be anything from putting your coffee mug in the sink to storing your laptop out of sight. Most importantly, try to do this at a fixed time, and at a decent hour. This will ensure you have a decent amount of personal time to kick back and recharge for the next day!