6 Signs of a Good Facial (It’s All in the Details)

by The First Refresh

If you are looking to book a long overdue facial, the options available in Singapore would probably be overwhelming.

Type “facials near me” in your search bar, and a multitude of results turn up, leaving you to sift through seemingly similar service descriptions to find one that suits you best.

The truth is you usually won’t be able to ascertain the quality of a treatment (and skill level of a therapist) without first experiencing it.

But to help you decide if you should give repeat business to a facial spa, we bring you the most telling signs that you are getting a high-quality offering, whether you opt to get your pampering time outside or use mobile beauty services (fancy term for house calls).

#1 Hygiene is key

At first glance, the room should be neat and should smell fresh. Look out for things like a professional grade steriliser box for tools, freshly laundered towels and product bottles that are free of accumulated stains.

Bonus points if the spa makes it mandatory for customers to sanitise their hands prior to entering the rooms.

If you are in the habit of having your facial at home, don’t be afraid of asking your therapist how she sanitises her tools and if their sheets and towels are changed out after each use. After all, cleanliness is crucial for achieving clear, healthy skin.

white plastic pump bottle beside pink tulips and gray towel

#2 Your therapist is knowledgeable

Your facial therapist should kick off your session with a skin analysis, and be able to give a reasonably accurate assessment of your skin condition.

If you have booked a treatment that isn’t suitable for your current needs (for example, calming down inflamed skin should take precedence over anti-ageing), she should recommend an alternative offering.

Take this time to ask all the questions you need about your skin condition and find out about your therapist’s experience level. How many years has she been in the business? What sort of certification does she hold? What is her skincare philosophy?

#3 Extraction is efficient

Clearing clogged pores of stubborn gunk is everyone’s least favourite part of a facial, but it is often a necessary evil. If your facial therapist is skillful, it shouldn’t take her too long to remove blemishes. Consider it a red flag if she lingers on a pimple that is not ready to be popped. Chances are, you may end up with reddened, irritated spots.

To be safe, give your therapist a heads up by indicating your preference for quick or no extraction, especially if your skin is easily inflamed.

#4 Your skin is the best proof of efficacy

Is your face supple, dewy and clear after the facial treatment? If it is a yes, congratulations, this is a facial that delivers on its promise. However, if your complexion ends up red, irritated or dry, chances are, your therapist may have gone a tad too far with extraction or used unsuitable products on your skin.

However, do note that unexpected reactions to skincare products can occur and if your therapist catches the problem midway and swiftly calms your complexion down with the appropriate product, you can be sure you are in capable hands.

woman with her hand on cheek

#5 The atmosphere is calm

How many times have you had a facial or massage while listening in on an inane conversation or loud snores coming from the next room? If this affects your enjoyment of the treatment, check if your spa can accommodate requests for a quiet corner.

Better yet, booking a facial at home will give you the most calming, relaxing experience. There is no commute or crowds to squeeze past to get to your personal spa. Plus, mobile beauty services, including facials, are often conducted by highly experienced independent therapists who are competent enough to hold their own against big brand names in the market.

#6 There is little to no hard selling

Here’s the kicker. No matter how great a facial is, the experience inevitably goes south a little when the sales pitch comes at the end. Signing on to a 20-session package or purchasing pricey skincare products, while value-for-money to some folks, may not make financial sense for others.

If you are not up for making a big investment, let your therapist know at the start so they can recommend a less hefty package for your consideration.

If you find the predictable hard-sell at outside establishments too much to bear (or if you prefer not to part with 4-figures at one go), consider one-off treatments or our Refresh Subscription (from 88 SGD per month) that offers beauty-as-a-service. Sans upfront payments, subscriptions are paid monthly and can be canceled at any time after the first 6 months – an alternative that offers you convenience and savings in your skincare regimen, without upfront expenditure.

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