Brow embroidery fading? Here’s what it could mean

by The First Refresh

woman looking up into the light, shadow covers her face but her brown eye and eyebrow is in view

So you’ve just gotten your brows done - and they’re already starting to fade. Does that mean your skin is rejecting the tattoo ink? Is it a sign of a bad brow treatment? Or is it just a part of the healing process? 

Brow treatments have boosted in popularity in recent years - a semi-permanent solution to give your brows that natural, enhanced, fluffy look. They’re also a great option for busy moms or workaholics who need all the time they can get in their morning routines. 

As far as cosmetic tattoos go, brow treatments such as microblading, lamination and embroidery seem pretty fool-proof - but what does it mean if your eyebrow embroidery fades much sooner than it should be?

It’s part of the healing process 

Yes, a bit of fading after the first few days is normal for brow embroidery! The area of your brows is an open wound post-treatment, and your brows will need time to recover. As they start to heal, the treated area will begin to scab over and may become a shade or two lighter. However, this is perfectly normal and the pigment will reappear after this initial stage. 

Before calling up your beauty therapist for an early touch-up - we definitely recommend waiting a few days. A little bit of fading and unevenness is normal and the pigments should begin to show themselves again. Trust the process! 

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With the proper touch-ups and aftercare, your brow pigments should last an average of 18-24 months. This of course will depend on your skin, how fast it heals and how it reacts to the pigments. 

What should I do for aftercare

The days following your brow embroidery treatment are crucial for ensuring you will get the most out of your new look. Follow the right aftercare for the best results: 

Do not pick at your brows when they begin to scab: avoid touching or accidentally scratching your brow area during the healing process. Instead, allow the scab to fall off naturally. Not letting your brows heal properly could hinder the effect of the colour pigments for your skin. 

Avoid makeup near your brows: as the treated area will be an open wound post treatment, avoid any product near your brows. This applies to makeup and skincare products - at least for the recovery period, as you want to avoid an infection during the healing process. 

Keeping your brows dry: in the first days after your appointment, avoid exercising or hot saunas as sweat or steam will affect the pigments in your brows’ healing process. In addition, gentle cleansers around the area will work best - instead of your regular oil-based products or strong serums. Avoid letting water beat down on your brows during your shower too.  

Other factors that affect brow pigment retention 

In sunny Singapore, it’s almost impossible to avoid the humid air or scorching sun. If your brows are still fading - even with the right aftercare - environmental factors may just be the root cause. 

Skill + quality of the pigments used: Though it may be tempting for some to opt for easy or cheaper options - it’s always a good idea to invest in your brow embroidery treatment. Ensure that your salon or mobile beauty studio is reputable, and look for photo evidence of embroidery done on past clients. Skill and the quality of pigments can affect retention.

If you’re not sure where to look, try Brow Bar - our eyebrow embroidery service uses durable pigments that will frame and define your brows according to your face shape.

Our Beauty Consultants will be able to recommend the right brow style and shape that suits your desired look. Here at The First Refresh, we guarantee that your brow pigments will last 18-24 months on most skin types. Book here for our beauty consultants to come straight to your doorstep!  

How deep the pigment has penetrated the skin: Eyebrow embroidery pigments work by penetrating the top layer of your skin. If the pigments have not gone deep enough, paired with how your skin reacts, your brow embroidery may fade quicker. If this is the case, speak to your brow technician and they will schedule a touch-up session for you. 

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Your skincare regime: You may have to switch up your skincare regime during this healing phase of your eyebrow embroidery. Consider swapping out any stronger ingredients with gentler ones, and skip on your exfoliating routine for the time being. 

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Too much sun: We know. How do you avoid sun exposure when in Singapore? However, excessive sun exposure does affect the durability of brow pigments - and it is best to avoid direct sunlight as much as you can - especially while it’s healing. If you must step out into the sun, consider wearing a sun visor or cap to shield your face, especially the brow area.