Debunking the Top 5 Eyebrow Embroidery Myths

by The First Refresh

It’s an oft-spoken belief that eyebrows are our most important facial feature. Beyond just shielding our eyes from dust, dirt, and sweat, our brows also play a crucial function: communication. They convey our emotions, moods, and even personalities – all of which are important non-verbal cues in any conversation. Aesthetically, well-shaped and defined brows accentuate the best of one’s facial features as well. Tending to them is the first step to enhancing one’s natural beauty, and in recent years, many cosmetic services have gained traction to deliver beautiful brows. 

Brow Bar (our version of eyebrow embroidery) is one of these services, and its benefits are indeed promising. It entails a process where pigment is embroidered onto the topmost layer of the skin, using tiny disposable needles to create the illusion of real eyebrow strands. 

The end result? Full, natural-looking brows that shape your face wonderfully. Our Brow Bar is semi-permanent and smudge-proof, which means there’s no need to draw them every day and they will stay on for at least six months – rain or shine. 

There are, however, many misconceptions about our Brow Bar (a.k.a eyebrow embroidery) that deter the curious from actually trying. Before committing to a session, it’s important to debunk some common fallacies about this treatment. We’ve gathered the top five myths about semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery and set out to debunk them, so that you’re well-informed with the most accurate information before embarking on your Brow Bar experience with us. 

1 | If I have sensitive or acne-prone skin, Brow Bar is not suitable for me. 

It’s an understandable concern, but not necessarily true. While eyebrow embroidery does require incisions to be made, it will not irritate your skin if proper care and hygiene standards are adhered to. 

There are a few rare exceptions, however. A tiny percentage of people may develop an allergic reaction to the ink. We regard your safety with utmost importance, so if you do have any existing allergies or skin concerns, please flag out to our beauty consultants before your session. 

Eyebrow embroidery can also be risky for ladies who are taking Accutane or blood-thinning medications, or for expectant mothers. In these cases, we would discourage you from undergoing this brow procedure. 

2 | I need to shave my existing brows before the procedure.

This is a common concern that our brow consultants often hear from their clients, as it’s a common practice for regular body tattoos. Thankfully, your natural brow hairs do not need to be shaved before an eyebrow embroidery procedure. 

The only hairs that may need to be removed are those that fall outside of the desired brow shape, which is agreed on by both you and your beauty consultant. This is defined after she conducts a detailed consultation of your face and designs a brow profile that best complements your face shape. So rest assured that your real brows will be intact throughout and after the embroidery procedure. 

3 | Brow Bar is extremely painful.

As with any tattooing process, eyebrow embroidery does sound like an uncomfortable process. But that’s what numbing cream is for! 

During your Brow Bar session, numbing cream will be applied to both your eyebrows and left for 15 minutes to work its pain-relieving magic. If you start to feel any discomfort or pain at any point during the treatment, don’t hesitate to ask for a time out and top up the numbing cream. 

4 | Aftercare isn’t all that important. 

Au contraire, aftercare is super important if you want to lengthen the lifespan of your newly perfected brows. 
After the procedure, we recommend gently washing your eyebrows every morning and night with a gentle cleanser. Some of our top picks include the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and Aesop Gentle Facial Cleansing Milk. Always apply sunblock to keep UV rays from unnecessarily fading out your brows. Most importantly, keep the area well moisturized to prevent unnecessary flaking, which could potentially cause the loss of color pigments.
You will be provided with an aftercare cream by your beauty consultant. Everyone’s skin type is different, which may require a different aftercare process - consult her on your bespoke regimen that will yield the best results.  

5 | Brow Bar is permanent. 

While the effects of eyebrow embroidery are long-lasting, they are far from permanent. With proper care and regular touch-ups, embroidered eyebrows can last for up to two years. 

But they will eventually fade, so you need not worry about committing to a lifetime of two harsh lines. Eyebrow trends are always evolving, so we got you the next time you schedule your Brow Bar experience with us. 
Trying eyebrow embroidery for the first time is definitely a huge personal decision, and we want to ensure you’re well-aware of the entire process – its pros and cons, benefits and risks. If you have any more questions or concerns about the procedure before scheduling a Brow Bar appointment, please reach out to us at We look forward to welcoming you on your brow transformation journey, and can’t wait to see your beauty refresh!