Eyebrow embroidery styles: which is for you?

by The First Refresh

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Promising minimal effort and low maintenance post-treatment, eyebrow embroidery is quickly becoming one of the most popular beauty procedures out there. More long-lasting than other brow treatments like brow lamination and brow henna, eyebrow embroidery is a semi-permanent treatment that gives the look of natural and bolder looking brows. 

Eyebrow embroidery lasts 12-24 months with a touch up session in between, which means getting the treatment is definitely a great investment - but also a commitment. 

With different factors to take into account (think skin type, desired brow look, and original brow shape) - which style should you choose? What do you say to your brow artist? What techniques work best on you? 

We break down and demystify the most common eyebrow embroidery styles out there - getting you one step closer to the full, thick, defined brows of your dreams. 

6D eyebrow embroidery 

Very often referred to as the ‘korean eyebrow embroidery’ look, this style of embroidery uses delicate and fine lines (thinner than 3D) to create shape and depth with microblading procedures. 

Your brow artist uses fine blades to draw lines with the pigment that mimics your brow hair. This produces the dense yet very subtle effect of naturally thick, full brows. If you want bushier brows but want it to look as natural as possible, this is the look you want to ask for. 

This method of brow embroidery is great for those who already have thicker brows, and just want a subtle touch up to fill in those pesky sparse areas in the brow area. With microblading procedures, it’ll be like they were never there at all.

With the right aftercare, you won't have to touch your 6D brow embroidery except for that touchup session in between to maintain the colour pigments. Normally, 6D brows last longer than 3D brows, but not longer than ombre brows. 

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3D eyebrow embroidery

Although promising similar effects to 6D brows, 3D brows stand apart through its application process. 3D brows often utilise a machine to apply the pigments, while 6D utilises finer blades to achieve the defined brow look. 

Using strokes to fill in sparse areas of the brows, these also work to mimic your real brow hair - giving your brows a naturally fuller look. 

It’s also important to note that pigment absorption with this technique will vary according to different skin types. 

If you have oily or sensitive skin, colour pigments may fade quicker because of the way that they were applied. If this is you, ombre brows or hybrid brows may be better suited if you want long-lasting results.

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Ombre brows 

Also known as misty eyebrows or powder brows, ombre brows are defined by their signature look - with a darker tail, the shade slowly fades to a lighter one towards the centre of the eyes. 

These brows use more traditional types of tattoo methods like dotting or pixelization. This means that the application involves pigment inserted to the skin by way of tiny dots, building gradients of colour and shape of the brows. 

Ombre brows have fuller effects than 6D or 3D brows, and mimics a make-up look. Due to the method of application (insertion of pigments rather than strokes), ombre brows tend to be more durable than 6D or 3D brows. 

So if you’re looking for brows that look freshly drawn, this is for you! With a more done up & glam look, you’ll be waking up every morning with picture-perfect, makeup-ready brows. 

Note: the colour shade of your brow embroidery will become approximately 2-3 shades lighter than the colour immediately post-service. So if you notice some difference in the colour of your brows - this is perfectly normal. However, if your brows fade persistently, check out our blog post about what it could mean if your brows are fading prematurely.

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eyebrow embroidery housecall beauty service

Here at The First Refresh, our Brow Bar service uses techniques mentioned above, such as dotting, pixelization and microblading. Our take on brow embroidery, our carefully selected brow pigments ensure that your brows won’t fade to green or red with time. 

Taking into account your desired final look, as well as your natural brow type, our brow artists will work with you at your consultation to recommend the brow bar best suited to you and your desired look. Here at The First Refresh, we sort our brow styles like this: 

Classic: our version of microbladed brows involves soft brow strokes that mimic your hair and work to fill out your natural brows. 

End result: fills in brows slightly for a naturally defined look.

Great for: those with naturally full brows who just want a little touch up. Not recommended for those with oily or sensitive skin types (the colour pigments might not retain well with this application technique). Lasts 12-18 months with 1 touch up. 

Fresh: our version of ombre brows involves a slight gradient on the shade of your brows that mimic always fresh, well-drawn brows. 

End result: fuller, makeup-ready defined brows.

Great for: those with oily or sensitive skin (for this skin type, this method will be more effective than microblading). Lasts 18-24 months with 1 touch up. 

Shade: our version of hybrid brows involves creating a fuller look similar to ombre, but also includes microblading strokes to achieve a balanced natural look. 

End result: natural looking technique for fuller brows.  

Great for: those looking for all-round fuller brows. Lasts 18-24 months with 1 touch up. 

Our brow artists are there to help you achieve your desired look. With a professional eye and skillset, they’re happy to discuss any concerns and queries you may have - get in touch with us to find out more here.  

Ready to take the leap? Book in for your Brow Bar session here