Face Oils 101: How to Incorporate The Latest Staple to Your Skincare Routine

by The First Refresh

[Image Priscilla du Prez via Unsplash]

In place of packaged chemical formulas, face oils have been all the rage in the latest skincare trends. For years now, skincare gurus have touted the benefits of incorporating oils to your everyday routine. The great thing about using these oils is that you can be sure you won’t have any allergic or adverse reactions - this is because they’re all natural! 

With so many oils out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. Here are thoughts on the best oils to start with: 

Castor Oil

In a nutshell, castor oil benefits include treating hair loss and wrinkles. With its anti-ageing properties, the oil contains fatty acids that moisturise and enhance the appearance of your skin. Massaging castor oil into the skin daily can improve its texture while preventing premature signs of ageing.

Ever seen castor oil shampoos? Castor oil for hair acts as a hydrator and strengthener. Well-loved in the beauty industry alongside almond oil, the ingredient is great for protecting against breakage and scalp flaking. Comprising antioxidants, vitamins and proteins, castor oil is also sometimes used to treat dermatitis. 

Castor oil can also be used to promote hair growth. It does this by strengthening and nourishing - the essential keys to healthy longer locks. Experts recommend applying castor oil to your brows to speed up their natural growth too! 

Some even believe that castor oil induces childbirth! For the mummies out there - the oil is also frequently mixed with zinc to make pharmaceutical creams for nappy rash. It is an effective ailment to seal moisture and relieve dry, chapped skin. 

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Rosehip Oil

Derived from the rosa canina rose bush, celebrities like Kate Middleton swear by this lightweight hydrating face oil. Rosehip oil benefits include: brightening, boosting collagen formation, reducing scars and discolouration, as well as combatting sun damage. 

Rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins A and E, rosehip oil has been proven to improve elasticity by evening out the skin. Moreover, its ability to retain the skin’s overall moisture has made it a great anti-ageing agent. 

As an all-natural emollient and moisturiser, rosehip oil is especially beneficial to those with sensitive or blemished skin. For optimum results, massage rosehip oil onto your face twice daily - morning and night. 

Similar to the effects of your vitamin C serums - rosehip oil increases cell turnover, giving your skin that glowing effect through light exfoliation and brightening. Rosehip oil, however, does NOT contain vitamin C itself - and experts do not recommend mixing the two. Encouraging high cell turnover also makes it a common treatment prescribed to post-surgical patients, promoting improvements in scar discolouration and inflammation. 

Calendula Oil

From cosmetic to medicinal benefits, calendula oil is one of the most popular all-rounders. Coming from the petals of pot marigold flowers, the oil possesses high levels of anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Calendula oil is great for those dealing with dry skin, acne, eczema, or psoriasis. 


Calendula oil also contains SPF properties, providing light coverage from sun exposure. Unlike rosehip oil, calendula oil is thicker - and is commonly mixed with other carrier oils to create creams, ointments and salves. 

Alternatively, calendula oil can also be used in place of face wash, via oil cleansing methods. It ensures the removal of any oil residue without drying your face out as face washes often do. 

The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of calendula oil also make it helpful in healing wounds and soothing any dryness. It’s been notable to successfully treat c-section scars and soothe diaper rashes. 

Argan Oil

Argan oil is extracted from the argan tree - meaning it's truly drenched in all-natural antioxidants and vitamins. It can be applied topically to the skin, hair and nails for a whole slew of hydrating and nourishing benefits. 

Perhaps best known for its hair-strengthening properties, argan oil for hair has been credited as a miracle worker: increasing shine, elasticity, and softening, while also acting as a heat protectant preventing breakage. Find argan oil shampoos, frequently paired with keratin - this will revitalise your hair’s natural protective layer, adding strength and reducing any breakage. 

Argan oil benefits are not limited to promoting healthy hair growth - it is frequently championed as the active ingredient in high-end moisturisers. Argan oil for the face holds its own array of benefits. Composed of fatty acids and vitamin E, the oil is great for promoting healthy skin. With antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, applying argan oil to the skin helps to reduce the damaging effects of free radicals. 

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Jojoba Oil

A staple in eco-friendly beauty, you’ve probably come across jojoba oil in creams or your favourite hair products - from drugstore to high-end. The natural oil is a widely popular solvent for hair health, packed with vitamins and minerals. 

With many similar hair benefits to castor oil, jojoba oil is great if you’re looking for a lighter formula. Jojoba oil maintains your scalp’s natural pH balance, promoting thicker hair while also reducing frizz at the same time. The oil also seals in moisture and prevents breakage, making it an effective protectant for those who love styling with heat. 

Here’s a fun fact: although marketed as an oil, jojoba oil isn’t actually an oil! It’s technically a wax - containing a slightly different chemical make-up to that of other oils. This is probably why it feels so lightweight and refreshing. 

Nonetheless, it is unique in that it mimics your skin’s natural sebum - meaning that it matches exactly the moisture your skin needs, without clogging pores or triggering acne. This also makes it great for teen acne. 

Now that you know the basics of face oils, you can begin incorporating them into your everyday routine. Glowy clear skin is just one less step away! Want a head start on rejuvenating your skin? Book yourself in for a facial with us here