Here’s why you should choose facial scrubbing over extractions at your next facial 

by The First Refresh

If you’re a fan of popping in for a facial at your favourite beauty parlor, you’re no stranger to having regular extractions during your treatment. An important step in most facials (namely extractions!) helps with removing the gunk from your pores so your skin can stay smooth and beautiful. While it may be common practice as a facial procedure, how effective is it in keeping our pores clean? Extractions can be more harmful to your skin than you think:

It can lead to scars, inflamed bumps, and long-lasting redness

Extractions should always be done by a well-trained skin expert like a dermatologist that knows how to remove the gunk from your skin through a special combination of tools and gloved fingers. If incorrect pressure or a wrong angle is used, the integrity of your follicles can be disrupted - which can lead to those nasty break outs. 

Experts would also be able to identify which pores can be extracted, and which pores should not be touched. This is important as if you’re prodding at the same spot too often, your skin might scar due to repeated abrasions. 

Think Long Term

Sometimes, extractions may give you the short-term effects of clearer skin but may have long-term implications that leave your skin looking worse than before. Frequent pulling and pressing the pores weakens your skin barrier and skin fibers like collagen. In the long run, you might have damaged skin that lacks strength and elasticity.

Instead of working against your skin, choose a less harsh and invasive method that coaxes your skin to remove these impurities. Facials that use a warm compress as part of their facial routine to soften pores (think our Refresh Facial or Rejuvenate Facial!), paired with a relaxing lymphatic drainage massage to promote circulation. All this can help drain toxins and impurities while giving your skin an extra lift. 

A Kinder Option: Facial Scrubbing

At The First Refresh, we’re all for a calmer, gentler approach that still does its part in removing the gunk off your pores. Enter our newest addition to our facial line - the Facial Scrub. Instead of prodding at your skin, your skin will be deeply exfoliated with a gentle machine to remove dirt and encourage natural skin regeneration. 

When done regularly, Facial Scrubbing can help: 

  1. Prevent clogged pores and reduce breakouts
  2. Promote collagen production - a key ingredient to vibrant skin
  3. Improve skin elasticity, minimizing the appearance of fine lines
  4. Break down dead skin cells while smoothening out your overall skin texture
  5. Improve the effectiveness of skincare products by enhancing absorption, leaving your skin looking brighter and cleaner

Say goodbye to your fear of scars and painful extractions. Facial Scrubbing will give you peace of mind while you enjoy your facial. 

If you’d like to give Facial Scrubbing a try, select from our Refresh or Rejuvenate Facials :) Unsure of which to pick? Drop us a message at for a chat.