Here's how we'd plan a self-care day for busy mums, #thefirstrefresh style!

by The First Refresh

To our busy mums out there, when was the last time you took leave from work, or ‘leave’ from home, to spend a day to recharge? Whether that’s an introspective day all by yourself, or a social day out with friends you haven’t seen in a while due to impossible-to-coordinate schedules, here’s your reminder to schedule time for self-care!

The Refresh team put our heads together to plan out a self care itinerary for you.

Start the day when and how you want to

If you’ve been waking up at 6:30AM regularly to whip up breakfast for the kids and yourself and ensure everything is ready and packed for them to get to school smoothly, pre-make these meals the night before your self-care day, and pre-pack their bags the night before too (tip: enlist the hubby to help!), so that you can sleep in. 

Treat yourself to comfort food for breakfast

Rise and shine when you do, and treat yourself to an all-time favourite breakfast dish. Whether that’s kaya toast with a side of runny eggs that you’ve loved since your childhood, or a hearty big breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and sausages, order in or whip up your happy food to start your day right! 

Make time for some morning meditation

Find a quiet, calm spot in the house, put an essential oil diffuser on or light a candle if you have one, take a deep breath and let loose the tension in your body. Set aside some time (whether a few minutes or a whole 30 minutes) to breathe deeply and centre yourself. Maybe putting on some light meditative music (a spotify playlist perhaps) would help set the mood too. 

Mask up!

No, we’re not talking about the medical kind that the covid era made all so common. We’re talking about some TLC beauty time. Make yourself a cup of your favourite tea or coffee, and treat your skin to a good at-home mask session.

Even better, book yourself in for an at-home facial from us at The First Refresh! Choose from our Reset Facial (lasts for an hour), Refresh Facial (75 minutes), or Rejuvenate Facial (typically going for one and a half hours). 

Enjoy a facial massage and shoulder massage when you book into any of these services, on top of the essentials like a deep cleanse, extraction, and premium ingredients from brands such as Eve Lom, Pola and Jurlique, all from the comfort of your own home. 

If you want to take the TLC a notch higher, we recommend The Diana combo at The First Refresh, which includes a facial and a nail oasis service too. 

Head out for some socialising

Self-care also means surrounding ourselves with our support system. Meet up with some dear friends for lunch or afternoon tea, or maybe just a walk about a mall for some window-shopping you haven’t treated yourself to in a while. 

Work up a sweat

If you’re feeling up for it, why not book yourself in for a yoga or barre class before the kids come back from school? Or, if you’d prefer being home, checking out an online class on youtube works too.