How To Prepare For An At-Home Beauty Appointment

by The First Refresh

pictured is a modern living room with a sofa, some chairs and a coffee table

Mobile beauty treatments have been popping up all over our social media feeds this year. With beauty services now available right at your door - wherever you may be on our little island - the extra time taken on travelling to beauty parlours is gone. 

From salon services, travelling nail technicians and mobile pamper parties - The First Refresh comes to you with beauty services on-demand, at just a tap away. But with the option of a pamper session straight from the comfort of home, how do you prepare for your Beauty Consultant’s arrival? What happens during the appointment? How do you prepare the room? 

Here’s our guide on what to expect at an at-home beauty appointment - The First Refresh style. 

What to prepare ahead of the appointment

Choose a quiet part of your home (or chosen location!) with a sofa, bed, or comfortable chair. It’s important to choose a comfortable place for your appointment, as this will enhance your Refresh experience. 

Depending on the beauty service you’ve opted for - different areas of the home may work better. If you’re getting a facial or your brows or lashes done, make sure you have a comfy sofa or bed for your Beauty Consultant to carry out the service. For mobile manicure and pedicure treatments, a comfortable chair will do. 

Aside from that, we bring along all the necessary equipment required for your service.

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Especially for lash extension appointments, remove all humidifiers and dehumidifiers from the room and switch off all fans. Switch on the air conditioner 15 minutes prior to your appointment (best adherence is achieved at recommended 20°C and 50-60% humidity). 

Cooling the room prior to your appointment will help your Beauty Consultant too! They travel across our little island, a little respite goes a long way. 

Enhancing your beauty experience 

The greatest benefit of an at-home beauty service is having a safer and more relaxing experience for you. 

Your Beauty Consultant will speak with you on your goals and beauty needs - reviewing your preferences so that she can better curate a service that fits your style and personality. If it’s your first time with us - don’t hesitate to let us know your queries! We don’t believe that one size fits all, and all our beauty services are tailored to enhance your natural beauty.

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