Big event? Here's how to prepare for your makeup consult

by The First Refresh

Image by Amy Shamblen via Unsplash, pictured is makeup tools and products in pink theme against a yellow backdrop

With big events making a comeback in Singapore, finding a great makeup artist for yourself is at the top of the list of pre-event glam needs, whether that’s a company D&D night or a friend’s wedding. 

However, even with their super kits of concealers and powders to cover up any blemishes, the best makeup results always come from having a good base to start from. If you’re thinking about getting your makeup professionally done for a big event you’re attending soon, preparing your skin to look its best goes a long way.

Not sure what this means? We’ve got you. Here are some things that you can do in the week leading up to the makeup appointment. 

Exfoliate, but not too much.  

In the week leading up to the big event, our Beauty Consultants recommend gentle exfoliation 2-3 times. Exfoliating works to get rid of the dead skin cells on top of your skin, which will in turn ensure your makeup goes on smoothly. 

Take note not to exfoliate too often (daily would be too much!), as it could cause skin irritations such as dry patches, which would cause additional texture for your makeup artist to tackle. 

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Exfoliating should always be paired with moisturizing. Yes, even in humid Singapore, packing on that moisturizer ensures your skin stays hydrated and supple, protects your skin barrier and keeps your skin looking plump for that extra glow from within that will enhance any makeup look. 

Avoid trying any new products 

If you’ve got a big event coming up, it’s probably not the time to start experimenting with new products - this goes for both skincare and beauty. Though tempting, it’s probably best not to aggravate your skin in any way or introduce any new ingredients in case you inadvertently trigger an underlying skin allergy. Stick to the products in your routine that have always worked for you.

Hydrate yourself  

Do you drink enough water while getting on with your busy schedule? We’re recommended to drink at least eight glasses of water daily, and there’s plenty of good reasons why. 

Drinking lots of water is any beauty guru's secret to glowing from within. Simple yet effective, hydration helps your skin to stay supple and plump. Drinking more water can also help to decrease the appearance of puffiness in the face and under-eye circles. 

Compact mirror with a reflection of an eye against a beige backdrop

Arm yourself with your Holy Grail products

If you have a foundation you especially love, a mascara you swear by, or a lipstick that is the perfect shade for you - our makeup artists encourage you to share this with them! The goal is to create a makeup look that makes you feel empowered and confident, so don’t be afraid to speak out in favor of products you especially love. 

Identify any skin sensitivities and allergies 

Perhaps this goes without saying, but remember to tell your makeup artist if there are any ingredients you may have an adverse reaction to, or if you have sensitive skin. If you recall breaking out from using foundation from a cult makeup brand, or eyeshadow that caused some eyelid irritation, this is the time to bring up that information. Your makeup artist knows their products and you know your skin best - so make sure to keep communication channels open!

Time your last minute beauty fixes well 

While getting a facial pre-event sounds like a great idea, do so with a few days to spare before your event. Facials will change the texture of your skin and might often have downtime if extraction procedures and more sophisticated add-ons like lasers are involved. As such, it is best to give your skin a few days to balance out before the big event.

Similarly, avoid waxing your eyebrows the day of, or the day before. Try to schedule these waxing appointments a few days prior, to ensure any redness fades before the big day. 

Prepare loose fitting clothes for the appointment 

Makeup artists will prefer to do your makeup before you get into your getup for the event. This is, of course, to prevent accidentally getting product on your dress. Instead, make sure you prepare loose fitting clothing that is comfortable, but that you can also easily slip on and off when you change into your event dress, without smudging your makeup. 

Comfort is key: Professional make-up styling right from the convenience of your own home

With these tips to ensure your makeup consultation runs smoothly, we aim to have you at your special event feeling empowered and confident as your best self - in and out. 

The First Refresh offers professional makeup and styling services on-demand, with special services tailored to bridal parties and events. Check out our services here.