Lash Lift Gone Wrong? Common Problems and How to Fix it Up.

by The First Refresh

Lash Lifts have become a craze that has swept through globally. A bad lash lift? Read on for tips on how you can fix a lash lift that has gone terribly wrong. 

Unlike lash extensions, that can be easily washed off with a lash cleansing solution, a lash lift has more lasting, permanent effects. This means that while there are ways to alleviate the effects of a bad lash lift, returning your precious lashes to its natural state will take some time.

We've listed some of the effects below, and how you can address them.

1. Your lashes start curling even more over time

This likely means that some of the perming adhesive has stayed in your eyes - if you tried a lash lift at home, do a thorough clean with your lash cleanser and use a warm cotton pad to gently swipe your lashes a few times. You should notice that your lashes are loosening.

Your salon should be quick to help you out with any issues from a lash lift - contact them asap to get your lashes cleaned out to prevent further curling.

Tips to fix a lash lift gone wrong
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2. Your lashes are stuck together and have visible kinks

Unlike #Problem 1 above, this can't be fixed by cleaning. That being said, trying out our premium Keratin Lash Lift will help to remove the kinks in your lashes - though we only recommend this as an absolute last resort. If at all possible, it's always best to give your lashes a rest and wait it out.

A Keratin Lash Lift comprises 2 key components that will help separate your lashes and ease out the kinks. Cysteine (activated by heat) separates your lashes and allow them to return to their original state. The keratin in the treatment then works to hydrate and strengthen your natural lashes.

Tips to fix a lash lift gone wrong
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3. Your lashes are unevenly separated and curled

Unfortunately this is one problem that can't be fixed by cleaning. Just like a bad hair perm, waiting it out is your best solution! The good news is that this is likely not as obvious as the first 2 issues listed above, and giving your lashes some space to breathe is your best bet. 

A good lash lift has clean, even spacing between your lashes.
Tips to fix a lash lift gone wrong
Photo Credit: The First Refresh, Lash Lift
If you've had a bad lash lift done and would like us to help, book in for our Lash Revitalize treatment - the only treatment we would recommend to reverse the effects of a bad lash lift.


1. The salon you go to is critical

Lash technicians should be vetted, have experience in the craft and be able to evenly separate your lashes and clean out the solutions as the service progresses. Don't be afraid to speak up if something doesn't feel right. Something we always tell our clients is - there should be no pain or major discomfort in our lash treatments (Lash Lab and Lash Lift). If you are facing any issues with an existing lash lift and would like us to come by for a fix-up, get in touch at - we're happy to help!

2. Don't be fooled by at-home lash lift kits

At-home lash lift kits are galore - and a common misconception is that lash lifts can easily be done at home. So many of us underestimate how difficult it is to separate your lashes strand by strand when doing it yourself! At-home lash lifts often result in uneven lashes, and clumping due to inexperience.
Instead of an at-home lash lift, explore a housecall lash lift from the comfort of home.

Stay tuned for our next post - Lash Lift (Before and After): What to look out for.

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