Lashes falling? This might be why

by The First Refresh

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Lashes falling? This could be due to an allergic reaction or an infection - but excessive eyelash loss could also be a sign of a more serious medical problem like alopecia, thyroid, or even lupus. 

Eyelashes regenerate at an interval of every 6-8 weeks. While it’s normal for lashes to fall, just like hair, excessive eyelash loss can be a sign of a more serious underlying issue. 

We know how concerning excessive lash loss can be - thankfully, it might just be a result of a makeup routine that doesn’t agree with you. Before booking in that appointment with the doctor, here are some other possible causes to check off your list: 

Not removing eye makeup properly

You could be removing your eye makeup roughly, or with an ineffective remover. Clean lashes have a direct effect on your lash follicle, which affects the growth of your lashes. If your lash follicle has been clogged, your eyelashes will not grow back as thick or long as they normally would - often leading to lash loss. 

Allergies or poor application of product 

Trying out a new mascara? If your lashes are falling, it might be a sign of an allergic reaction. Alternatively, you may be applying your mascara too roughly. The eyes are one of the more sensitive areas of your face, and so it is important to remember to be gentle with applications and removals.


Excessive lash loss may also be a result of stress. General hair loss and hair thinning is often correlated to stress - as we might rub our eyes more when we are stressed, or even pick at our lashes. Stress may affect the growth cycle of your hair too, experts say, which will also affect your lashes. 

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Infections, like styes, may occur on your lash line, which result in inflammation and cause excessive lash loss. More significant inflammation, however, could be a symptom of blepharitis, which is when there is inflammation, swelling and scaly texture around your eyelids - so if the inflammation persists, consult your doctor. 

If left untreated for too long, these infections could also be a direct result of allergies, poor application, or poor removal. 

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How to promote healthy lash growth

If you’re now waiting for your lashes to grow back, there are some things you can do to help move the process along. 

Ensure your lashes and lash line are clean 

Clean your lashes and your lash line properly everyday with a gentle and moisturising cleanser. Ensure you remove all your makeup at the end of everyday, and that you’re using fragrance-free products that agree with your skin. 


For extra help, keep your lashes moisturised with a lash serum. You can also try applying a light coat of coconut oil or castor oil each night. Coconut oil will give your lashes a boost of hydration, while castor oil promotes hair growth (can be used on your brows too).

Opt for lighter or fewer lash extensions 

If your lashes are falling, you might have damaged the hair follicles on your lash line. While it may be a quick solution to get extensions, try opting for a lighter look - or fewer individual lash extensions - while you wait for your lashes to grow out. This is because you don’t want your lashes to be weighed down if they are thin or damaged. 

You can also consider a lash lift - a treatment that will open your eyes up for definition.  

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Your overall health directly affects your hair growth, so keeping to a nutritious diet will help to promote healthy hair growth. 

Remember to include protein, fruits, vegetables and foods rich in iron. While protein helps the production of keratin, iron helps to promote and speed up hair growth. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, which encourage collagen production. 


Consider adding to your nutritious meals an extra multivitamin supplement. Promoting cell turnover rates and collagen production, taking extra vitamin supplements will ensure that you’re reaching the daily recommended intake. Search for a vitamin supplement that is geared towards healthy hair.