Mobile Beauty From the Comfort of Home

by The First Refresh

It’s been a hectic week at work. From countless Zoom meetings, multiple deadlines, to exhausting demands from your manager, this week is certainly one to put behind. This weekend, there’s nothing else you’d like better than to stay in, relax, and have some time for self-care. A Netflix and chill kinda weekend is certainly our kind of party, but what if we told you that you could take it up a notch with some indulgent pampering in the comfort of home? 

These days, clothes and food aren’t the only items that can be sent to your doorstep. Beauty services like manicures and personal styling, long associated with traditional brick-and-mortar parlors and beauty studios, can now visit your home at your own convenience. For the workaholics, busy moms, or time-crunched ladies who aren’t always able to get out to enjoy a beauty service, an on-demand beauty studio is what you need – and more. 


Your On-Demand Beauty Studio

While mobile beauty services aren’t new in Singapore, they’re noticeably on the rise in recent months. With beauty consultants just a few taps away, there’s no need to brave the crowds or share spaces with other customers – a plus point for ladies who are doubly cautious health-wise. In addition, you can save the trouble of traveling because it’s now the other way around – your beauty service comes to you, whenever and wherever. 

At The First Refresh, we’re striving to redefine beauty services by making them more convenient, flexible, and transparent. We believe that beauty doesn’t have to be confined within the four walls of a physical studio. Beauty should be accessible for all, so everyone can – and should – enjoy some pampering from time to time. 

We also take mobile beauty very literally. So wherever you are – be it your home, office, or gym – our beauty consultant will be there to meet your beauty needs. 

And of course, everyone’s health and safety is our top priority during this time. Our beauty consultants have experience serving clients in the home environment and are trained to uphold the highest hygiene standards. We want nothing but a safe and comfortable beauty experience for you, so we will apply the necessary attention and care to provide it. 


Ready for your first refresh?

There’s a little something for everyone here at The First Refresh. So don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions before settling on a beauty service on our platform! 

Here are our favorites: 

Lash Lift

A semi-permanent perm and tint make the perfect lash booster. If mascara is your ride or die in your makeup kit, then think of our Lash Lift as the mascara that lasts. 

Pregnancy-safe (past the first tri), we work to provide safe options for all :) We’re always committed to bringing an inclusive beauty experience, so everyone can join our community and focus on what truly matters – defining their beauty. 

brow bar

Tired of drawing your brows every day? An au naturale Brow Bar may be an easy and lasting fix to your woe.  

Brow embroidery can be a little daunting, especially for first-timers. But that’s what our beauty consultants are for. Every Brow Bar experience is bespoke and tailored to your individual needs, preferences, and physical features. 

 What’s more – Brow Bar promises just four to seven days of downtime, double the speed of traditional beauty parlors! We know how important time and convenience are to you, so we’ll ensure that your Brow Bar is as hassle-free and comfortable as possible. 


Wedding preparations can be quite stressful, but we’re here to help. Gather your bride squad and schedule a mani sesh with us for an afternoon of pampering and gal fun!

 For the perfect cherry on top, why not have a box of sweet bakes delivered to your doorstep as well? Our baking partner Frosted by Fang whips up delightful pastries that can satisfy any sweet tooth. We believe in going all out when it comes to indulgence, and your Bachelorette Bash is no exception. 

We can't wait to meet you :)