New year, new you: Stop these 6 common habits that destroy your lashes

by The First Refresh

If you’ve been searching for the secrets on how to maintain healthy lashes or how to achieve an elevated and luscious lash look, search no more because we’re laying out some key ground rules for getting this in today’s post. 

What really needs to get doubled down on are some popular practices that you might have been carrying out without realizing the extent to which they are harming your eyelash growth, thus risking them losing their beautiful form and texture. 

Doesn’t that saying by Mark Twain go “Nothing so needs reforming as other people’s habits”? We say it’s time to reform these lash habits of yours (if you are guilty of any boohoos listed below) just in time for 2022!   


Sleeping with your  mascara on. 

Mascara does wonders to open up the eye area and make us look more awake. Especially if you’re a working mama juggling keeping the kiddies entertained and the work in tip-top state, we’re totally with you on using any quick beauty fix to perk you up! Whether it’s a zoom call meeting or back-to-office dress-up day with your colleagues, a little mascara does go a long way to help you feel more put together. 

However, as much as it’s tempting to speed through your makeup removal routine at the end of the day in order to get on with the rest of your tasks, do not sleep with any smidge of it being left on. 

By sleeping with your eye makeup on, you risk the spread of dirt and bacteria into your eyes. From a more technical perspective, mascara works by stiffening up your eyelashes, which makes them more susceptible to breakage once they have been applied. The longer they’re kept on those precious lashes, the more fragile you risk them being! 

Your clean-up procedure consists of only your cleanser.

The process of cleaning your mascara away should be something you commit to full-heartedly. Simply washing it with water, or dabbing it off with an all-in-one facial cleanser is not going to cut it. 

No matter how strong that cleanser, foam, or micellar water is marketed to be, double it up with an eye makeup remover (a waterproof one would be our suggestion) prior to the cleanser stage. Remember that when it comes to cleaning, a half-done job is as good as the absence of it! 

Don’t be tardy with this clean up, for brittle lash is your no-goal. 

Ignoring the expiry date on your mascara.

Have you seen or experienced expired make-up? 

They are dry, crumbly, and visually unappetising. It is important that you take your expiry dates seriously, especially for products that will be coming into direct contact with your face. Here’s a rule of thumb – replace your mascara every 3-4 months, especially for more avid users. 

Frequent use of waterproof mascara can backfire.

Waterproof mascara sounds like the best thing in the world because of its trusty non-smudge nature. Especially in hot, humid Singapore, we’ll take all the waterproof help we can get.

When you are shopping for a tough and reliable mascara that you can count on through the thick and thin, it’s natural to perceive it as the perfect solution to your eye woes. However, the catch here is, waterproof mascara has added elements like wax and silicon for it to be resistant to water, tears, or perspiration - causing your lashes to dry up more easily. 

Waterproof mascara also requires extra effort to remove - and your lashes have a higher tendency of falling out, especially if you are not gentle during removal. (We know how tempting it is to use brute force to tug off the mascara in a bid to save time!)

Tugging out mascara clumps.

Instead, use a q-tip dipped in makeup remover to try and fix it. Mascara clumps are frustrating, but remind yourself of the long-term negative consequences if you are not delicate with your lashes. 

For those with lash extensions, don’t skip the lash after-care after your Lash Lab session!

Night-time facial care should be an unmissable part of your everyday routine. No matter how tired you are, avoid slapping on your oils, moisturisers, and eye-cream haphazardly while rushing through the process. These products will loosen the glue bonds in your extensions, so gently apply and avoid the eye area if possible. For more advice on how to take care of your eyelash extensions, check out our recent blog piece here