Holidays soon? Here’s the best skincare for cold weather

by The First Refresh

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If you’re used to tropical Singapore, travelling somewhere with a winter season this holiday period may throw your body clock a little off-kilter, but also your skin! It’s important to understand how to best help your skin adapt for this change in environment - ensuring that your complexion stays its usual healthy self through the temperature and humidity changes. 

Your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that will need a refresh - your skincare routine will too. This is because the cold weather causes the moisture content in the air to drop significantly, changing the hydration level that your skin typically needs. 

This will then affect the PH levels of your skin - which is responsible for maintaining a healthy skin barrier. A strong skin barrier helps to stop any foreign allergens from penetrating your skin, preventing any flaky, dry or cracked skin. 

Keep reading for some ways to protect your skin from the cold season: 

Before your trip: 

Exfoliate… but not too much 

Consistent exfoliation leads to better product absorption and improved circulation, preventing acne while unclogging your pores. Exfoliation has an array of benefits in any skincare routine - but especially so when you’re getting ready for a trip to a cold country. 

Not getting rid of dead skin cells can lower the effectiveness of your moisturiser. Also, consider trying a light exfoliating acid such as lactic acid. 


The key to keeping your skin at its supple and blemish-free state is hydration. We don’t mean just your skin - make sure you keep drinking lots of water in the days leading up to your trip. We’re also fans of stocking up on hydrating sheet masks for applying on the flight, and every few nights while you’re abroad.  

Get some new products

Sadly, your holy grail skincare products may not work in different weather environments. Transition your cleansers to oil-based cleansers, body creams to body butters, gel moisturisers to richer moisturisers if you have dry to normal skin types. For people with sensitive skin, stocking up on products that can soothe potentially irritants and environmental triggers may be a good idea too.

Make sure you take some time before your trip to ensure you have all the right products, and get your skin to its very best - so you can start your trip off the right way. 

Go for professional pampering - book a Facial!

Facials are a great and quick way to boost your skin’s circulation and moisture levels - all while getting a couple hours of relaxation and quiet (we know how hectic those last few days can be). Booking one in a few days before your trip ensures so your skin will be fresh and glowy for your holiday. 

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If you’re pressed for time and can’t travel to a salon, squeeze in an at-home facial - The First Refresh offers on-demand facial services right to your door. Try our purifying and hydrating Refresh Facial here.

During your trip: 

Layer your skincare

The last thing you want on your holiday is to worry about cracked, dry or flaky skin. We also know it’s so tempting to cut on baggage weight by cutting down on your usual nightly skincare products. 

However, continuing to layer your skincare every night before you go to sleep will help maintain a healthy skin barrier. Paired with the right ingredients for your skin type, this will help manage any stressors your skin has faced during the day - giving your skin adequate ingredients to repair itself while you sleep. So don’t skimp on your usual skincare layering! 

Body Lotion 

While you’re paying extra attention to your face, don’t forget the rest of your body too! 

Especially in countries with cold weather, it’s hard to resist taking a hot shower. Remember to layer on the body butter or other moisturising products right after, as the hot water can be drying on your skin. Apply your body lotion on damp skin for the best results. 


Even in the winter, sun exposure is just as damaging as it is in warm climates. Pack a broad spectrum SPF in your carry-on for your flight (UV rays are more damaging in the cabin too!) and in your everyday bag to reapply every few hours. Ensure your SPF protects from both UVA and UVB rays. 

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While jet setting off to a new country is the much-needed break for us all - keeping your skin in top shape will help out in feeling your very best. Keep your skin extra hydrated with these tips, and for that extra mile, consider booking in some professional help before you go - browse our facials here