#SupportLocal - 6 Singapore Brands We Love and Why 

by The First Refresh

 It’s no secret that Singapore brands are known for quality, performance and credibility, and this extends to all industries including beauty and wellness. 

Here, we put the spotlight on our favourite brands and why they make us so proud to be Singaporean. Read on and remember to #SupportLocal!

  • Skin Inc 
  • There are few beauty entrepreneurs as progressive as Skin Inc founder Sabrina Tan who introduced customisation in off-the-counter skincare in 2008. She started the world’s first skincare supplement bar where you could create a cocktail of serums—ingredients range from calming ceramides to skin plumping collagen and rejuvenating coenzyme Q10—tailored to your skin type. Since then, the brand has grown in popularity and can now be found in 78 cities globally.

    Why we love it: The brand is miles ahead of the curve in anticipating the needs of beauty aficionados. Someone with multiple skincare concerns can easily concoct a serum that addresses all her needs or simply pick a ready-made formulation from their wide selection of products. Just last year, the brand even launched Serum Glow Filter, a skincare-cum-makeup product that is said to give you a selfie filter in real life, perfect for those who have to get on frequent Zoom meetings.

  • Allies of Skin
  • While this brand was launched only in 2016, Allies of Skin is possibly one of Singapore’s most famous beauty exports. It is found in 28 countries worldwide including the US, Australia and multiple parts of Asia and Europe. The label has just 13 products in its inventory but each is known for its potency, thanks to a variety of clinically proven ingredients.

    Why we love it: Its founder Nicholas Travis does not believe that customers should buy a ten-step system from the brand to get an efficacious skincare routine. Instead, each product—like its famous waterless vitamin C serum—is formulated for optimum efficacy and a specific purpose so you just pick what you need.

  • Sigi Skin
  • Yet another new-ish name in the industry, Sigi Skin boasts products that are infused with superfoods like avocado and kale. It is yet another tightly curated collection with just six products, all made in Korea and packaged in bright cheery hues.

    Why we love it: For a start, most of its formulations are vegan and they do not test on animals. What is most impressive however is co-founder Xenia Wong’s fussiness with quality; the first three products in her arsenal—a cleanser, sunscreen and eye cream—were created by different labs (at a higher cost) so she could get the best products for consumers. The brand’s physical sunscreen is known to glide on beautifully without leaving a ghastly tint and it smells fruity fresh unlike most UV blockers out there.

  • Ania
  • Ania may be a newcomer, but this brand has got a huge goal to become the “cleanest skincare brand in existence”. Its three co-founders pack their formulas with plant-derived actives, antioxidant-rich oils and other natural extracts. 

    Why we love it: Ania is the first Singapore beauty brand to be certified by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) for its Prickly Retinol Serum. This means that the product is free of an extensive list of ingredients that may be harmful to human health, animals or the planet. 

  • Bud Cosmetics
  • Since 2007, this beauty retailer has scoured the world for the best organic and natural beauty brands and introduced them to Singaporeans—we counted almost 50 brands on its e-commerce website. It also has physical stores at Orchard Road, Tampines and Novena where you can pop in to survey its wide array of skincare, makeup, bodycare and even children’s toiletries. 

    Why we love it: You can find something for the entire family at Bud Cosmetics—nappy cream for the baby, body washes for the adults and aromatherapy for your home. Plus, it is easy to get your hands on cult brands like Antipodes (for its vegan skincare formulations) and Max Green Alchemy (for the spa-like hair wash experience it provides). Green warriors will also love that Bud Cosmetics reuses its boxes when sending out products ordered online. 

  • The First Refresh
  • Of course, how can we pass up on the opportunity to toot our own horn? The First Refresh was founded with the sole purpose of providing #BetterBeauty - our clients receive only the highest-quality services in the comfort of home, ranging from lash extensions and brow embroidery to facials and mani-pedis, from experienced beauty consultants with decades of experience.

    Why customers love us: Our prices are transparent and fair—they are all listed on the site with no hidden costs—and our therapists are able to attend to your needs in as little as two hours on days when you really need a break or a quick refresh. We also work hard to support #BeautyforGood. Part of our profits goes towards Daughters of Tomorrow, a homegrown charity that empowers underprivileged women by providing sustainable job opportunities. 

    We know that there are tonnes of other local brands that we may have missed out on—our little red dot is packed with talents. If you’re feeling the pride, remember to #SupportLocal the next time you go beauty shopping!