The Benefits of Facial Massage

by The First Refresh

A back, shoulder or full-body massage is the go-to treatment for total relaxation - for most of us. But we would argue - an expertly executed facial massage provides extended benefits beyond temporal relief. As a stand-alone treatment or an add-on to a facial with a cleanse, scrub and mask, there are many benefits of booking in for a regular facial massage. They’re even better if you hire mobile beauty services that allow you to enjoy the benefits in the comfort of your own home. Here are some of the (many) benefits you can look forward to.

Relaxed face muscles

A lot of tension is held in the face: when we concentrate, feel emotional, or are trying to present a certain face to the world, this tension builds in our facial muscles. Over time, wrinkles develop. Facial massages (just like massages elsewhere on the body), can ease that tension and relax muscles. In the long run, this may reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Improved appearance of the skin

On top of the fresh, glowing skin you usually get from a good facial, an eight-week study conducted in 2017 found that when a facial massage device (such as a jade roller) was used in combination with a facial cream, the effects of the cream were more potent. Wrinkles were reduced, texture improved, and sagging lifted. Facial massages also boost circulation, which plays a part in flushing out impurities.

Reduced puffiness

Products you use on your skin, environmental factors and fluid build-up can lead to puffiness in the face, especially around the eyes. Facial massages boost circulation and kick-start lymphatic drainage, which can reduce puffiness.

Sloughing of dead skin cells

Like a good exfoliation or microdermabrasion, a facial massage can help remove dead skin cells that can lead to dullness and congestion. If you are prone to congestion in the skin, avoid using a heavy oil or cream when having a facial massage, as doing so can lead to breakouts in the long run.

Treatment of certain conditions

While many people will get a facial massage for relaxation or cosmetic purposes, there are some medical benefits for certain afflictions, too. Mild sinus pressure, acne, jaw conditions and scar tissue can be improved with different types of facial massage. If you have a serious problem related to any of the above, consult a medical professional before getting a massage - and always discuss specific issues with your massage therapist first.

Where to get a facial massage?

You can request a facial massage the next time you get a facial at a salon or spa, or give yourself one in the comfort of your own home. To combine the best of both worlds, a mobile facial therapist can give you an at-home facial that includes a facial massage.

How to give yourself a facial massage?

To give yourself a facial massage, use face cream, oil, serum or cleanser to ease the massage and to improve the texture of your skin at the same time. You can use your fingers and palms, or use a quartz or jade roller. We’ll be rolling out our Digital Skincare Concierge very soon - think a personalized skin consult, a digital at-home workshop with at-home facial tips from our facial therapist, and a goodie bag of our favorite skincare picks <3