The Best Eyeliner Look for your Eye Shape

by The First Refresh

close up and unfocused image of a lady, a makeup artist is applying eyeliner on the model

Eyes are windows to the soul. Just like brows, lipstick shades, or any other part of your makeup routine - playing up your eyes requires you to take your natural features into account. 

A signature eyeliner look can be the hardest to figure out, but it gets easier if you know your eye shape and how to work with it. Here’s our guide to finding the best eyeliner look to accentuate those windows to the soul!

Hooded Eyes

If your upper eyelid covers your crease when your eyes are open, you have hooded eyes. Hooded eyes allow space for you to pack on the liner. With less exposed skin on the eye, don’t be afraid to go bold with that wing! Extend the wing past your eye shape and lift upwards to lift your look and draw attention to your eyes. 

Almond-shaped Eyes

Characterised by pointed inner corners, rounded centres and slightly upturned outer corners - almond eyes are the most versatile eye shape. With a slight upturn at the ends, lining both the top and bottom lash lines will really make almond eyes pop. Thicken the line at the corners of your eyes, or opt for that classic cat eye with a feline flick to really accentuate your natural eye shape. 

Downturned Eyes

For downturned eyes, a thinner line of liner at the inner corners and a thicker one at the outer corners makes a world of difference. Create an upward flick at the outer corners of downturned eyes to lift and brighten your eyes - but not too big a wing - so it’s still visible at all times. Experts say this makes the perfect eye shape for bold eyeliner colours! 

close-up shot of a blonde woman with her brows and eye makeup and lash extensions as the focus of the photo

Monolid Eye

With flatter eyelids and a small crease, a straighter wing on monolid eyes will give them the most lift and definition - careful not to make the wing too upturned, a straighter line will be sure to brighten your eyes and open up your whole look. 

Round Eyes

Round eyes are characterised by an evident crease, and irises that don’t reach the bottom lash line. For an elongated sultry look, do a straighter, extended wing to give your eyes that extra dynamic pop. That old-school triangle trick works on round eyes, creating more of a cat-eye look on a doll-like face.

image of gel eyeliner and eyeliner brush against a white backdrop

Deep Set Eyes

Deep Set eyes are recognisable for those prominent brows and brow bone. This may make your eyes appear smaller, hiding your lids. Accentuate this with liner for the ultimate sultry look - tracing a line with your liner of choice around your eyes will draw attention to your eyes, making them appear even more deep set. 

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