The Windswept Brow Trend - Why we love it.

by The First Refresh

If we've learnt at least one thing from this past year, it’s that eyebrows should always be high on your beauty priority list. Since brows are one of the few parts of our face that are still on show while wearing a facemask, the way they are shaped and styled is more important than ever. All the more reason to ensure your brows look great, no matter where you are.

The latest trend that seems to be sweeping our social media feeds this past year are 'Windswept Brows’! What are they?

Credit: Elle, Eyebrow Trends - The Windswept Brow

They are a fuller, combed up bushy brow look – increasingly sought after in recent times, windswept brows offer a softer look, with a keen focus on the alignment of the hair structure and the direction where the brow hair strands are brushed. Windswept brows instantly lengthens brows, lifting the arches whilst creating a fuller hair structure that keeps your brow hairs perfectly in place. And, that's not all. We’ve listed a few reasons why Windswept Brows are here to stay-

  1. They create a Youthful look: Well maintained eyebrows are a well-kept anti-ageing secret. Windswept brows (as opposed to unruly, unkempt brows), take years off your age, by giving the illusion of an effortlessly lifted appearance thanks to the naturally enhanced shape created by the soft, full and naturally fluffy strokes that lifts your face up and outwards for a more youthful appearance.
  2. They Accentuate your Eyes: Our brows have an unmatched ability to give proportion to our face, they enhance our features and frame our eyes. Windswept brows create the appearance of wider, refreshed eyes, due to the subtle diagonal hair strokes towards your brow temples compared to the usual upward strokes. This adds fullness and length, which accentuate your eyes.
  3. They Refine your look: The distance between your brows and the length of your brows can refine your overall look. The Windswept brow technique highlights the natural arches of your brows, adds depth to your facial features and creates a polished look that enhances your appearance.

Shaping your eyebrows can sometimes feel like an unnecessary and daunting process. Brow Lamination paired with our Lash Lift helps to create windswept brows, to help you save time, and wake up with sexy, full brows.