These Classic Beauties Inspired Our Timesavers

by The First Refresh

For all things fashion and beauty, we often look to our favorite power women icons for inspiration. With beauty trend setters who have come and gone through the years - there are some who have seamlessly stood the test of time. Whether they be glam icons, the women who embody everyday grace or a glow from within, the same few names crop up time and time again as universal beauty muses. 

Taking inspiration from these icons who always made beauty look effortless, our timesaving combos are tailored to fit right into your busy schedules, having you revitalized and refreshed in a fraction of the time - because timeless beauty should always be accessible. Here’s a primer of our favorite beauty icons that inspired our timesavers:

Marilyn Monroe poses for a portrait against a red backdrop
Image Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

The Monroe

One of the most iconic beauty icons there ever was, Marilyn Monroe lit up the red carpet wherever she went. With her platinum blond curls, bold eye and classic red lip - Monroe’s staple glam has not only stood the test of time, but is just as legendary in the beauty world today. 

Our Monroe offers our signature Lash Lab alongside a mani pedi, creating your base for that polished, glamorous 50s Hollywood look. Top it off with a classic winged eyeliner and a red lip for Monroe’s signature sultry bee stung pout.

What to ask for at The Monroe: a signature red polish for the nails. 

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Audrey Hepburn pictured in black and white, posed against a neutral background
Image via Donaldson Collection

The Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn represents all things sophistication, timelessness and chic beauty. As an icon in her own right, Hepburn always championed beauty from within - her subtle European-style beauty (à la Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Roman Holiday) encompasses her signature alluring gaze and put-togetherness. 

Our Hepburn consists of our Lash Lift alongside a mani pedi, for that subtle lift to your everyday beauty routine. It wouldn’t be a Hepburn without perfectly polished french nails. 

What to ask for at The Hepburn: a French manicure.

Princess Diana candid, pictured in a gown at an event
Image by Tim Graham

The Diana

Serving as the modern inspiration for timeless and low-maintenance beauty, the late Princess Diana was known for her effortless radiance and glow. The ultimate power feminine icon, Princess Diana was known for her golden tan and sun-kissed highlights, donning a subtle eye and lip that always let her natural beauty shine through. 

Our Diana pairs a facial with a mani pedi, giving you a head start to glow from the inside out. Top it off with minimal brown liner and a nude lip for that effortless, radiant beauty look. 

What to ask for at The Diana: a nude polish. 

Setting aside time for self-care can prove a challenge for the modern woman. Timeless beauty is everything from how we feel to how we look. Our timesavers combine the best of what we have to offer, giving you two Beauty Consultants for two services at the same time - a perfect fit to your busy schedules, half the hassle at half the time.