Timesaving Beauty Tips for Working Moms

by The First Refresh

image of a woman in white holding her child in white as they both smile into the camera

With a kid or a few on your hands alongside your career, you barely find the time for yourself - let alone time for beauty. To all the working moms out there, we see you! We know it’s easier said than done, but give yourself the break you need to feel like you again. 

With home and mobile spas on the rise in Singapore, long-lasting beauty treatments are more accessible than ever. Beauty services allow you to look and feel your best, while cutting short your morning routines (we know that feeling of rushing around!). 

It’s a new year - and there’s no better time to kick it off than with a proper beauty reset. Pregnant moms, we have something for you too! Keep reading for our guide to timesaving beauty tips for working and busy moms.

Wake up ready for the day with lash extensions 

Getting your mascara just right can end up taking a chunk out of your morning time, even on the better days. Cut out your mascara routine in the mornings with our Lash Lab (lash extensions)

They are a great way to always look put together - waking up with picture-perfect lashes everyday, and not having to worry about makeup. There’s also something about lash extensions that pull a whole look together, even with a bare face. Dab a dash of lipstick on in the mornings to pull the whole look together - and you’re good to go. 

Try overnight braids 

If you’re not already embracing your natural hair, try overnight braids. French braid your hair before you go to bed, and take them out in the morning for quick, no-fuss heatless curls that last all day. Spray a bit of hairspray for longer lasting results and you’ll be set for the busy day ahead. 

Invest in Brow Embroidery 

This brow treatment involves durable pigments that last an upward of 12-24 months, giving your brows a depth and fullness. Brow embroidery is a fantastic investment that’ll allow you to toss that brow pencil and wake up with fluffy, natural-looking brows. Give them a quick brush everyday and you’ll be all set. 

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Treat Yourself to a Home-Based Facial 

Allocate some time to yourself for R&R! We know that hauling yourself to the spa takes time, and the travel time often seems way more than what it's worth. A home-based facial cuts the time spent travelling to spas and salons, and saves you having to look for someone to watch the little ones - adding to the overall guilt-free pampering experience. 

Our collection of facial services include treatments that brighten, purify, hydrate and lift. You’ll be sure to find something for all your needs. Sometimes we just need that little push to get that much needed respite - and we’re here to give that to you. 

Double-Duty Makeup Products 

With lip liners that double as eyeliners, blush tints that double as lip tints - keep these products handy in your bag for a quick makeup touch up throughout the day. If you’re in the car with the kids or in between work appointments, this is a great quick fix to liven up tired makeup or dull skin. 

Also: try CC creams, tinted moisturisers, and BB creams to replace your foundation. Save time on applying both SPF and coverage separately by using one of these that does both. 

Mobile Manicure/Pedicure Services 

Here at The First Refresh, we love a good mani pedi pick-me-up. Which is why we’ve catered our nail treatments to come straight to you - for moms and pregnant moms, our non-toxic polish options were curated just for you. Our Nail Oasis is specially tailored to work around your busy schedules, so you can schedule us in during nap time or in between meetings for seamless beauty. 

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If some time off makes you feel a little guilty, get your little ones in on the fun too! Our mini nail oasis (also featuring non-toxic polish) is a featured add-on to your mani pedi, meaning your little one can get her nails done next to you. 

Timesaving Beauty Services 

Our unique timesavers are specially designed by moms, for moms. Bringing the best of what we have to offer, pair a mani pedi with a facial, lash lift or lash extensions. With two Beauty Consultants doing 2 services at once, you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated in half the time. 

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Here at The First Refresh, we believe that time for self-care should never take a backseat. This is why our services are tailor-made for time-pressed ladies and busy moms just like you. By moms for moms, we aim to empower women everywhere through beauty. With all the hard work we do, it’s important to treat ourselves every now and then! Ready to book in? Browse our full list of services here.