Waking Up with Frizzy Hair? Here’s How to Tame Overnight Hair

by The First Refresh

Whether biological or environmental factors are to blame, waking up with frizzy bed hair doesn’t get the day off to the best start. The first step in banishing the frizz is to work out where the fault lies: is your hair frizzy and unmanageable because of its general condition and the products and processes you’re using on it? Or could it be your bedding, your air conditioning, or simply the weather? Here are some tips and tricks for managing overnight hair.


Change your daytime styling or coloring habits

Dry, damaged hair is much more prone to morning frizziness than hair that’s in good condition. If your hair is heavily or frequently coloured, permed, straightened, or otherwise chemically or heat treated, it’s likely to be dry. Invest in a good conditioner or bonding treatment for damaged hair (like Olaplex), use a leave-in conditioning treatment after washing and before bed, and try to cut back on blow drying. Getting a professional blow dry is less stressful on the hair than tugging away at it yourself. Hair straightening and blow drying with high-quality tools is kinder on the hair, too. We love ourselves the dyson hairdryer and straightener.


Adjust your air conditioner

One of the main environmental factors that leads to frizzy hair is heat and humidity (i.e., a fact of life in Singapore!) If your hair is generally in good condition and you’re still waking up with frizzy hair on the daily, try ramping up the dehumidifying function on your air conditioner - for some units this will mean setting it to dry mode rather than cool mode. If you limit your use of an air conditioner at home, a dehumidifier is a good alternative, especially during the rainy season.


Use a silk pillowcase or hair wrap

The friction caused by tossing and turning on a pillow for eight hours a night can be one reason for frizziness in the morning. Swap cotton for a silk pillowcase, to reduce friction. These can be better for your facial skin, too. If you prefer natural fibres and their breathability, opt for a pure silk pillowcase over artificial satin. 

Silk hair wraps are also a great idea, especially for women with curly hair or for when you want to preserve a salon-grade blowout or hair straightening service. These keep your hair tidy and keep the natural oils from escaping onto your bed linen.

Dry and condition hair before bed

If you wash your hair at night rather than in the morning, make sure it’s dry before going to bed. Sleeping on wet hair can lead to tangles and odd kinks, making your hair styling routine harder in the morning. 

Also use a leave-in conditioner before you go to bed, about once a week (depending on your hair type and individual needs). To avoid leaving a greasy residue on your beautiful new silk pillowcases, use an argan-oil based conditioning treatment. Argan oil is less greasy than other types of oil.

Maybe just one or two of these tips will resonate with you, but for the best chance of waking up with frizz-free hair, try implementing them all. You won’t regret your shinier, more manageable locks.

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