Want healthier hair? Break these bad habits that damage your hair

by The First Refresh

#1 How to add volume to hair: styling tips from The First Refresh

Do you find yourself wishing your hair had more of a lift at the top, or perhaps more volume in your locks? If you struggle with achieving more volume and definition despite investing in regular hair treatments at salons, there might be some key daily habits and routines that need tweaking!

Here are our six key pointers to watch out for: 

1. Watch where you apply your conditioner and hair styling products 

Do you apply your hair products correctly? When using hair care or styling products, your scalp should, as much as possible, be a no-access zone. Applying conditioner near your roots may in fact over-moisturize them (especially if you use a rich conditioner!), causing less volume at the root. As for applying hair styling products really heavily near your scalp –  it might cause your hair to get greasy due to being weighed down by the oil build-up.

2. Try this: Skip the hairbrush, try rough-drying instead!

What is rough drying? It’s when you use your fingers instead of your hairbrush to style your hair. Finger combing puts less stress on your hair, and is a gentler way of detangling hair too. It is also perfect for getting that effortless tousled look. Finish off your blow dry with a brush but be gentle when you are combing so that you don’t flatten your hair out. 

3. Rethink how you comb through your hair 

After the light and gentle brushwork, back-comb against your roots, gently brushing your hair down towards the scalp in even ‘pushing’ strokes – avoid going back and forth as it might increase tangles. 

4. Experiment with hair rollers for that extra bounce

You might have grown up seeing your mum put in some hair rollers when getting ready for a formal dinner or a good friend’s daughter’s wedding. You might have also associated it with ‘old ways’ of styling hair. However, you might have been sleeping on this tried-and-tested, gentle styling method!

This is also less of a hassle than you think as you only need to execute at select sections for effect, and not your whole head. Either curl pockets of hair with the rollers and let them sit before you spray, which retains the voluminous lift throughout the day, or do the same when your hair’s just slightly damp after a shower if hair sprays and gels are not your cup of tea. 

5. Get some highlights to give the illusion of volume

Highlights provide a contrasting texture just by adding different shades to a few strands, which automatically gives your hair more volume. How is that for killing two birds with one stone? Not only do you do a subtle style switch-up, you also make your hair look fuller. 

6. Have a mid-day refresh with Dry Shampoo 

This also means you get away with shampooing less regularly, which is ideal for fine, flat hair. The edge that Dry Shampoo has over styling products is its ability to separate the strands because of the powder and starch formulas in it. Fetch a bottle along with you as you run your day-to-day errands to keep your head fresh and buoyant. 

Of course, if you’ve got a big event coming up and you prefer to leave it to the experts, book into a hairstyling session with us, carried out in the comfort of your own home! 

#2 How do you get healthy hair? Here are some key habits to note

With busy schedules, we might get tempted to prioritise efficiency over everything. However, when you’re styling your hair in the morning on return-to-office days, or just to head out for errands and the day’s agenda, are you making sure that you’re not doing damage to your locks? 

Today, we’re sharing some good hair habits to cultivate and bad ones to avoid!

1. When washing your hair, moderation is key

How often should you wash your hair? There is no fixed answer as it depends on lifestyle factors like exercise, scalp type and preference too. However, just note that washing your hair too often or not often enough can both be detrimental. Washing too often causes your hair to become dry and limp, as some of the essential oils your hair needs to stay healthily moisturised get removed. On the other hand, not washing your hair results in an excessive build-up of dirt and oils. 

2. The optimal temperature for your hairvaries!

A steaming hot shower is probably too warm for the hair, so adjust such that it is only mildly hot. Excessive heat is bad for the hair and can lead to brittle hair. If you love your showers warm and toasty, try to rinse off with cold water after a round of conditioning. 

3. Avoid conditioning your scalp and roots 

Direct contact between conditioner and your hair scalp leads to an excess in oil production. So, remember to only apply at mid-length down to the end of your locks.

4. Be gentle: Air-drying beats towel-rubbing

The rough fabric of most towels can be damaging for your hair, especially if you run it through roughly. The material and friction can lead to hair breakage and increase likelihood of hair fall. Similarly, avoid brushing your hair when it is still wet as the motion of combing through your weighty locks may result in a higher rate of hair fall and breakage.

5. Let your hair down a little, literally

Tying your hair up in a tight ponytail is sleek and practical, especially when you require full focus and don’t want anything in the way when you are rushing out a report, typing out an urgent email or working out at your favourite gym studio. Yet, as effortlessly elegant as it may be, it can pull on your hair too tight, weakening it and causing hair fall. Wear your hair down every now and then to let it sit and breathe. 

6. High-protein breakfasts can save your (hair’s) life!

Proteins stimulate hair growth, so have a delicious breakfast before you begin your day. (Cue: a hearty, eggy brunch with friends!)

#3 Makeup products to pamper your dry skin

Born with dry skin? Fret not. Here are some makeup tips for working with your skin type! 

1. Foundation is your best friend when it’s light and liquid

When going out shopping for foundation, be sure to look out for ones that are liquid and with energising radiance-boosting formulas. This provides hydration and comfortable coverage for your daily wear, helping you look fresh without getting dry and flaky. 

2. Don’t skip your primer step!

Using a hydrating primer as a base before applying foundation will ensure a smoother application. By coating on this creamy layer, make-up glides on more easily without having dry patches get in the way. 

3. Dry concealers are your worst nightmare

At all costs, avoid drying concealers. Such products will amplify the dryness of your skin in both look and feel, highlighting the fine lines on your face. Instead, grab yourself a concealer with a hydrating formula or an oil base. 

4. Stay hydrated in the sun 

Your skin’s number one most devoted fan is in fact, your 2-in-1 sunscreen lotion and moisturiser. Kill two birds in one stone by opting for a moisturiser with SPF. The best formulas contain Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid that protect your skin from looking tired. 

5. A sensible facial scrub to wind down and rise with

Exfoliating is essential as it gets rid of dead skin (a common occurrence for people with dry skin) and reinvigorates skin-cell growth. The facial scrub you choose should be gentle on the skin as you are using it to scrape away surface-level dead skin cells for smoother make-up application. For a deeper-level treatment, consider booking yourself a hydrating facial to pamper and restore the skin fully! 

6. Applicators beat fingers

As a rule of thumb, do not dab make-up on with your bare fingers. Your hands are an unhygienic option that also slows down make-up application, especially for drier skin. 

Brushes, blenders, or sponges are the wiser alternative to mix your make-up into your desired coverage. One important reminder to note though, is to find time to give these tools a proper rinse and clean to ensure that no bacteria or dirt are nesting in there, or it will defeat their very purpose!