Which Haircut Suits Your Face Shape?

by The First Refresh

We've all been there. After seeing the most gorgeous head shot of a celebrity, we show said picture to the hair stylist, hoping he or she can make us look just like that. (Wishful thinking much.) Despite the best efforts of the stylist, the result is just, well, underwhelming. So what has gone wrong?

Other than considering if your usual fashion stylings are in line with your hairstyle, you have to also adapt the haircut for your specific face shape and facial features. For instance, if you have a protruding forehead, bangs are preferred to bring attention away from that part of the face.

How do I know my face shape?

To know the hair styles that will be most flattering, you should first understand the shape of your face. The easiest method is to take a frontal shot of your face—straight on like a passport photograph—and trace its outline.

Measure the width of your forehead, cheeks (from one end to the other) and jaw as well. Find the closest match in the picture below.


Next, it's on to the fun part: exploring all imaginable hairstyles for women. Know your angles and you and your hairstylist will have a much more fruitful discussion at your next hair appointment. (Psst... if you prefer to share your facial hangups in absolute privacy, you can order an at-home haircut by The First Refresh.)

Ready to dig into some of these evergreen and latest hair cuts and styles recommended by the pros? Let's go!


Rectangle and oblong

Your forehead, cheeks and jaw are roughly the same width, and you have a strong jawline. You will want to balance the hard lines with soft layered hairstyles, whether you prefer long hair or something slightly shorter.

Layers or curls help to add side volume to straight hair or fine hair as well. If you like short hair, going with a bob may help soften a harsh jawline. Lastly, if you'd like to create the illusion of a less rectangular (or "shorter") face, go for bangs or limit the length of your hair to just past the shoulders.


Congratulations, you've struck the face shape lottery. Oval faces generally can carry off a huge variety of cuts and styles. Short haircuts for women like the pixie will look insanely great on you. You can possibly also rock a serious range of long hairstyles and have fun with details like colour, layers, side swept bangs and more. The only thing you might want to keep in mind is the quality of your locks when choosing a style. For instance, curls may not last as long on sparse and fine hair as they do on naturally wavy and coarse hair.


If you have a square face, you will need to work around softening the angles at your jawline and forehead. Stay away from short, blunt cuts. Opt instead for asymmetrical styles that can offset the "squareness" of your bone structure—think side swept bangs, soft layers and medium-to-long wavy hair.


If your face shape resembles a heart, you have a wider forehead in relation to your cheeks and you have a jawline that tapers down to a slim chin—it is pretty much like an inverted triangle. While uber long, straight hair may be too overwhelming for this face shape, there are loads of other styles you can try. For instance, a short hair style like the pixie will accentuate that cute jawline. Layers that open at the chin or beach waves can bring fullness to your jaws as well.


You have a narrow forehead and chin, and your cheeks are the widest part of your face. This angular face shape is a gorgeous one in itself—you probably have the high cheekbones of a model. Those with long hair can accentuate the cheekbones by tying tresses up in a tight and high ponytail—the style makes the forehead look wider. A universally flattering chin-length bob will help soften the jawline. Waves will also bring balance to this face shape.


Those with a round face may feel self-conscious about the lack of cheekbone definition. On the bright side, it is the most youthful face shape one can have! A round face should get a cut that has a slimming or lengthening effect. Long hairstyles work particularly well for round faces—sweep them to one side or have those locks frame the sides of your face. Short hairstyles, while not particularly slimming, can result in a super eye-catching doll-like look. Give it some edge with an asymmetrical style if you like.


For triangular faces, the aim is to avoid making the face look "heavy". You may want to go super short with layers that end around the cheeks, or long hairstyles that give the illusion of a slimmer jaw. Having bangs can also even out the difference in width between the top and bottom of the face.