Why Won't My Wrinkles Go Away? 7 Anti Aging Mistakes You May Be Making

by The First Refresh

Skin aging is an insidious thing. One minute, you look and feel like your 25-year-old self; the next, fine lines, wrinkles and age spots start propagating about as fast as the Covid-19 Delta variant. Even the most diligent of us are not immune to the ravages of UV rays, environmental aggressions and well, natural physiological processes.

Most of us start investing in some kind of anti-aging skin care products and start going for facial treatments when the first signs of aging start to appear. However, while some people report improvements in their skin condition; there are many who simply don't see any results. What could possibly be the problem?

Here, we pinpoint five major mistakes—blind spot alert!— you could be making in your quest to achieve younger skin. Fix these and you may well start seeing your skin care efforts paying off in multiples in due time. 

#1 You apply your anti-aging products right before going to bed

Even the best antioxidants in your serum and acid peels need time to get into skin cells in the deeper layers. Experts recommend completing your skin care regimen an hour before hitting the sack so your products are not wasted on your pillow case.

While we are on the topic of timing, your daytime products should be mostly about protection—so we are talking about a broad spectrum sunscreen (SPF 30 to 50) even if you work indoors—and antioxidants that can prevent free radical damage caused by UV rays and pollution. Save exfoliants and products that boost collagen for nighttime use.

#2 You can't remember your last facial treatment

Consistency is important in an anti-aging regimen. And a monthly facial is something that will make your work a whole easier. For at least an hour, a therapist tends to the needs of your complexion, cleaning out pores in the most thorough way that we can't do on our own. She also improves circulation and stimulates absorption of nutrient-rich products with pampering massage strokes.

A facial therapist may not be able to provide medical advice or perform clinical-grade procedures the way a dermatologist does, but you can count on her to give you an honest assessment of your skin condition and her best tips from years of experience.

If you feel uncomfortable heading out to a beauty salon in a pandemic, you can easily book a house call with The First Refresh. In particular, the Rejuvenate Facial targets aging concerns using premium Japanese label POLA.

#3 You mistake "natural" for "gentle"

Just because a product is labelled organic or contains essential oils doesn't mean it is suitable for everyone. In fact, oils like lavender and tea tree can cause skin reactions like redness, dryness and flaking—all the stuff that breaches skin barriers and causes even more lines and wrinkles to form. If you love your oils, jojoba is a common base oil that is hypoallergenic for most people. It takes trial and error to figure out the right mix of products that work for you. Just remember not to get too hung up over labels like "natural"—there are many synthetic ingredients like vitamins A and C that are safe and known to cultivate healthy skin.

#4 You don't lead a healthy lifestyle

One of the biggest culprits of premature aging, outside of sun exposure, is smoking. Heavy smokers are known to develop deep wrinkles and sallow skin so cut down on cigarettes pronto for the benefit of beauty and health. If you indulge in loads of salty foods, coffee and alcohol, these are known to be draw water away from the body (including the skin).

As the skin loses moisture, it becomes less supple and youthful, leading to wrinkles and sogginess over time. Sugary treats on the other hand causes aging through a process called glycation—skin becomes stiffer and less elastic, which adds years to your complexion. Last but not least, poor sleep is the fastest way to procuring saggy eye bags, dark circles and a washed out complexion.

Bottomline: indulge in moderation and make sure you get your eight hours of Zs on most nights of the week!

#5 You tug at your eye area too often

Do you find yourself pulling and rubbing hard around the eyes each night to thoroughly remove waterproof makeup? This constant action on the delicate area can irritate the skin and make laugh lines appear before their time. To reduce vigorous tugging, press a remover-soaked pad on the eye area for 30 seconds or more before gently swiping away your makeup. And when applying your eye cream, tap, not massage, the product onto the skin repeatedly until it gets absorbed.

#6 You have not changed your skin care products in years

As you age, the needs of your skin change. While a gel moisturiser may have been sufficient in your 20s, it may be high time to switch to a richer cream or one with an anti aging formula. A foaming cleanser was ideal for your teenage oily skin but too drying now for a sun-damaged complexion. If you haven't already, introduce retinoids into your wrinkle busting regimen. The powerful ingredient works to boost collagen product and speeds up skin renewal. First-time users may find the ingredient irritating so use it sparingly at first.

#7 You use the wrong amount of product

Chances are, you are using too little sunscreen and too much of everything else. Sun protection is the most important step in an anti aging regimen and doctors recommend using two teaspoons' worth on your face, neck, hands and chest. Add more for other exposed areas. When it comes to lotions and creams, a pea-sized amount is sufficient for the entire face.

For serums, eye creams and any other concentrated treatments, a grain-sized amount will go a long way. Using too much product on the face is not just wasteful; it can also end up clogging and enlarging pores.

Got other anti-aging tips up your sleeve? Share them with us! And if you enjoyed this article, you can find more skincare and beauty tips on The First Refresh blog!