Your On-Demand Beauty Studio

by Rachael Kam

For the longest time, "home-based salon" meant individual beauty consultants operating independently out of their own homes, servicing neighbours, friends, family. Most relied on word-of-mouth, and reach was typically limited to a 1km radius around their home.

We set out to change that. To transform the meaning of the term "home based salon" to a studio that could go anywhere, anytime. We envision a world where we enable to empower - enabling our beauty consultants through technology, smart scheduling and digital reach that is only constrained by our imagination.

We are working hard to transform the beauty industry - from underpaid and overworked to one that celebrates flexible work and a focus on the things that matter. Our beauty consultants earn 70-80% of each service - the rest goes to maintaining our platform and our giving initiative. 

When you search for "nail salon near me" or "home based hair salon" - we want you to know that with us, distance no longer matters. Pick a place and a time - and we'll be there, with all the necessary equipment for your beauty refresh.