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Step aside, mascara – natural, full lashes are here to stay! Simplify your makeup routine with our lash extensions, and you’re all set to slay the day, every day - all from the comfort of home.

Note: "Classic" is typically only suitable for individuals with thicker lashes - if your lashes are sparse or thin, we would highly recommend selecting the Volume or Russian Volume option.


Lashes on-demand - a housecall lash extension session that utilizes individual, near-weightless lashes. Each lash individually applied by hand to create a natural, fuller look for your eyes.


1. Lash Consult 

She first assesses your natural lashes, and makes recommendations on a suitable length, density and curve of your new lashes. Taking cues from the shape of your eyes and personal preferences, she gets to work.

2. Lash Cleaning 

She cleans your eyelids and lashes with a mild cleanser to ensure your lashes are kept clean. Any eye make-up is also removed during this time.

3. Lash Prep

She applies patches to the undereye area to hold down your bottom lashes, applies a primer to your upper lashes, then carefully uses a fully sanitized tweezer to fan out and prepare your natural lashes.

4. Lash Work 

With steady hands, she carefully applies your lash extensions strand by strand, with fully sanitized tweezers, to achieve a full, natural look.

5. Lash Review 

Open your eyes to a new world of lightweight, silk lashes that feel just like your own. At the end of your treatment, she personally reviews your treatment with you, and makes refinements and tweaks as requested.


3-4 weeks without the need for a touch-up. 


To prolong your lash work, please:

Do Not
  • Allow your lashes to come into direct contact with water for at least 48 hours after completion of your treatment
  • Rub your eyes
  • Use oil-based cleansers or eyeliner
  • Brush your lashes regularly (and gently) using a lash brush
  • Use mild, water-based cleansers


    Soft, lightweight lash extensions.

    Hygiene and cleanliness is a number one priority - all our tools are sanitized just before use.

    Spa Comfort at Home
    Lash Extensions at home - kick back in your PJs and enjoy the Lash Lab experience.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Nurul Syafiqah
    Professional as always!

    The lash touch up is meticulously executed and professional as always! Will recommend it to my friends! :)

    Serena C
    Gentle and experienced!

    The convenience was great. Enjoyed the session in the comfort of my home. The consultant was gentle and experienced.

    Nurul Jules
    Perfect for busy moms

    Perfect for busy moms like me. I love that I didnt have to leave my house for a professional service. My therapist is very professional and my lashes doesnt irritate me at all considering my eyes are super sensitive. Love it!

    Yang Huiyi Annette

    It was nice! The consultant was one time, she was useful in giving tips and explaining what this was about as it was my first time trying out.

    Anabel Chew
    Easy to coordinate

    Love how easy everything was to coordinate. The lash service happened right in the comfort of my home… I even took a nap during the service!