Beauty Consultant. Chef. Pet Lover. Swimmer.

A beauty aficionado, Clare first started her beauty journey with make-up before picking up facials, eyebrow embroidery and lash extensions. A stickler for cleanliness, she maintains strict hygiene standards - an especially important factor when it comes to providing Brow Bar services. In her free time, she loves trying out new hair and make-up styles, and dreaming of the great outdoors (living life on a farm is a dream of hers). With a background in nursing, her gentle demeanour and patience complements her technical skills. She's one of our favorites - and we think she'll be yours too.

"I've always had a passion for beauty services - The First Refresh was a great fit for me. I am constantly look for ways to grow in knowledge to be better at what I do. Completing each beauty service gives me an inexplicable sense of accomplishment."

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