Here at The First Refresh, we believe in #BeautyForGood. We believe in change through empowerment - enabling women to forge their own paths to success, through flexible and sustainable work. 

Daughters Of Tomorrow, a homegrown charity that employs to empower, believes in equipping every woman with the belief that she can create a better tomorrow. DOT works with existing training and workforce-related agencies to provide sustainable job opportunities for underprivileged women. To date, more than 800 women have regained confidence in themselves, through Daughters Of Tomorrow’s skills-training, job-bridging and support programmes.

The First Refresh works alongside DOT to provide remote work opportunities for its beneficiaries, and by contributing a portion of our proceeds to DOT initiatives.

With your support, we hope to bring #BeautyForGood to the lives of those around us - our beauty consultants, our clients and our community. A transformative platform for all women, to push past their day-to-day constraints and emerge stronger, more confident and more beautiful than before.