CNY Surcharge

As our Beauty Consultants work hard to bring you your at-home beauty fix during this season, all bookings under 150 SGD in value made for the period from 7th to 31st January (the "Surcharge Period") will incur a small CNY Surcharge of 15 SGD. If your order for 1 location exceeds 150 SGD, no surcharge will be applied :)

Orders under 150 SGD
If your order is 150 SGD and under, you will notice a 15 SGD surcharge (labelled as "Shipping") levied on your order for the Surcharge Period.

Orders above 150 SGD
If your order exceeds 150 SGD, this 15 SGD surcharge will be automatically removed.

Bookings from 1 Feb 2022
If you are booking in for an appointment date after 31 Jan 2022, please enter the discount code "CNYWAIVER" at checkout, to ensure that the additional CNY Surcharge is not added to your order.

Please note that if you are purchasing a subscription with us, the 15 SGD surcharge will be automatically levied on all future recurring payments - rest assured that our team will remove the surcharge for all future recurring payments! Get in touch with us via Whatsapp HERE and we will have you sorted right away :)