Our Story

Our Mission

It started with them - talented beauty consultants with star-studded resumes and warm personalities we came to know and love. Traditionally underpaid and overworked, we created a digital springboard to bridge the gap between you and them. 

A new way of beauty, at your fingertips.


Our Service

We’re ready for beauty in a new way - hit refresh, and transform your home, office or gym into your on-demand beauty studio.

#BetterBeauty - we stand by our platform and services and believe they speak for themselves, which means no packages that require you to pay a huge amount upfront. If you choose to stick around, look out for perks that work for you.

Transparent Pricing - we pride ourselves in transparent, fair pricing. Our beauty consultants earn more than fair wages, and we work hard to fund our #BeautyForGood initiative.

Our Beauty Consultants

The landscape of beauty is changing. We’re ready for beauty in a new way, a refresh that will transform your experience of the industry from underpaid and overworked to one that celebrates flexible work and a focus on the things that matter. All beauty consultants earn more than fair wages, with additional perks such as year-end bonuses and on-the-ground technical training. Our vibrant collective of beauty consultants is here for you to learn from and grow with.

Indicate your interest HERE, we’d love for you to become a part of The Refresh Collective.