Brow Bar Touch-Up

Brow Bar Touch-Up

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Say hello to naturally defined brows - our Brow Bar Touch-Up extends the life of your Brow Bar Starter by 12 months, we'll have you ready to go with minimal downtime. A reset individually tailored to your needs and personalised to enhance your natural beauty - all from the comfort of home.

Only available for purchase if you require an additional touch-up within 8 months of your Brow Bar session.


Our version of microbladed brows, this involves soft brow strokes to mimic hair strands and fill out your natural brows.

  • Ideal option if you have naturally full brows, and just need a little bit of a touch-up
  • Not suitable if you have oily or sensitive skin, as color pigments are not likely to retain well with this technique
  • Lasts 12-18 months with 1 touch-up (varies depending on skin type)
  • Fills in brows slightly


Our version of ombré eyebrows, this involves a slight gradient on your brows, mimicking fresh, well-drawn eyebrows. 

  • Ideal option for oily or sensitive skin, unlike microblading
  • Lasts 18-24 months with 1 touch-up 
  • Gives the appearance of fuller, defined brows as it employs the use of dots to fill in your brows


Our version of the hybrid, this involves creating a fuller look similar to ombré, with the inclusion microblading strokes for a natural look

  • The most natural looking technique for fuller brows
  • Lasts 18-24 months with 1 touch-up 
  • Gives the appearance of fuller, defined brows as it employs the use of dots to fill in your brows


Brows on-demand - a house call eyebrow embroidery session for your semi-permanent brow refresh. We use durable pigments to create lasting, full brows that frame your face and enhance your natural beauty.


1. Brow Consult 

She first assesses how much of a fill-in is required on your brows, 3-6 months after your Brow Bar Starter, further refining it based on your feedback and personal preferences.

2. Brow Cleaning 

Taking cues from your hair and skin colour, she artfully mixes our eyebrow pigments into a shade that is uniquely yours. Numbing cream is applied to both your brows, and left on for 15 minutes. She removes the numbing cream and cleans your brows with alcohol swabs to ensure your brows are kept clean.

3. Brow Work 

Then, she begins her art. Stroke by stroke she transforms and fills your brows to the desired shape with a single-use blade for hygiene purposes. To ensure you are kept apprised of the process, she checks in with you regularly to ensure you are happy with the progress of your Brow Work.

4. Brow Review 

At the end of your treatment, she personally reviews your treatment with you, and makes refinements and tweaks as requested. Voila!


18 months from the date of your Brow Bar Starter. 

Please note:

- Pigment absorption varies depending on skin type - color fades more easily on oily skin.

- Please avoid scheduling your Brow Bar session when you are on your period, as hormones may affect pigment absorption.

- If you are breastfeeding, please note that you should not breastfeed for at least 24 hours after your Brow Bar Session.

- This service is not suitable for pregnant women.


To prolong your brow work, please:

Do Not
  • Allow your brows to come into direct contact with water for at least 7 days after completion of your treatment
  • Scratch your brows
  • Dab the area gently with a soft, damp tissue daily
  • Apply aloe vera to your brows for the first 7 days after completion of your treatment


    Shorter Downtime
    4-7 days of downtime (double the speed of traditional beauty parlors)

    Hygiene and cleanliness is a number one priority with the use of single-use blades.

    Spa Comfort at Home
    Eyebrow embroidery at home - kick back in your PJs and enjoy the Brow Bar Touch-Up experience.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    It was a fuss-free and amazing experience having my eyebrows done in the comfort of my home. Love it!

    Crystal F.
    So natural!

    I've had eyebrow embroidery done before - and I loved my Brow Bar experience. Single-use blades are utilized to ensure hygiene and cleanliness, and the procedure was quick and painless. My brows looked natural within a week! Shortest downtime I've had. Would definitely come back again.