Busy schedule? We planned out the beauty service options you can have within a one hour break

by The First Refresh

When was the last time you took half a day to a day out of your busy schedule for focused me-time? Now that we’re about a quarter’s way into the new year, it might be a good time to pause and rest if you’ve been charging ahead at full speed since January. After all, rest and self-care is productive too, and just as important as hustling at your job or being a super mom at home. 

We know it’s difficult to simply take a few hours out without feeling like you have to get back to it, but what if you didn’t need that long? Today, we’ve curated for you a list of The First Refresh beauty fixes that get you that precious TLC recharge within an hour, tops! The best part? That’s one hour, without commuting time factored in, because your beauty technicians will show up at your doorstep to pamper you right from your home. 

Idea #1: Get a nail spa and mani pedi during your lunch break

In 60 minutes, why not get both a manicure and pedicure and a nail spa session? Perfect for jazzing up an open-toe sandal look for your next weekend brunch, and for that pop of colour on screen on a work-from-home zoom call. 

Booking into our Nail Reset will see you welcoming not one, but two nail technicians to your house to doll up both your hands and feet at the same time. Expect a soak, scrub, leg mask and warming foot bath thrown in too. 

The best part of this is that it’s perfectly pregnancy-friendly too - if you’re an expecting mum, you can upgrade to our pregnancy safe options to be safe. 

Idea #2: Try a non-invasive brow enhancement- Brow Henna!

You’ve heard about eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow lifting, and so on, but have you heard of brow henna? Brow henna is a non-invasive, temporary eyebrow tint that lasts for 4-6 weeks. It uses henna solution to naturally tint the skin beneath , filling in and shaping your brows. Our Refresh services use BrowXenna solutions, which are halal-certified and known for their long-lasting quality. 

Idea #3: Book yourself in for a hydrating facial

A good way to ensure that your skin is healthy and clean is to have a good skincare regimen. This also includes having routine, professionally-done facials! Did you know that the optimal time between professional facials is actually between 3 to 4 weeks? That’s because that’s how long your skin’s life cycle is. 

If you’ve got just 60 minutes to spare, our Reset Facial is the one for you. Powered by products from Jurlique, an Australian skincare brand that specialises in using natural ingredients in their products, the Refresh facial is suitable for all skin types. 

The Reset Facial is perfect for you too if you’ve always shied away from facials out of fear of painful extractions - our Reset facial does not include extraction! So if you’ve got just an hour to spare between errands, treat yourself to a deep cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage and expect a plumped up, well-hydrated face after the hour’s up.