Lash Lift Before and After: What to look out for

by The First Refresh


One of the most common questions we receive - how different will my lashes look after a Lash Lift? A picture paints a thousand words - read on to find out.

Lash Lift and Tint The First Refresh

Lash Lift and Tint The First Refresh

3 tips that make for a good lash lift - great perming and tinting solutions, evenly spaced lashes, an artful curl. 

1. Great Perm and Tint Solutions

This forms the base of every good lash lift - using excessively chemically-laden strong solutions can cause long-term damage to your lashes. We've had our fair share of bad lash lifts - where the fumes from the perming and tinting solution are so strong you can smell it from a mile away.

We use reputable labels for our Essential Lift (solutions from Germany) and Premium Lift (solutions from France) - that result in a lasting curl without extensive damage to your natural lashes.

2. Evenly Spaced Lashes

Only possible with an experienced lash technician, evenly-spaced lashes are the key to a good lash lift. A bad lash lift can result in crossed, messy lashes (reference image below). 

Bad Lash Lift

A lash lift is meant to open up your eyes and space out your lashes for a bright-eyed, natural look. 
The First Refresh Good Lash Lift
Source: The First Refresh, Lash Lift

3. An Even Curl

Many at-home lash lifts result in overcurled lashes. And let's be honest - if you've ever tried an at-home lash lift (think fluttering, half-open eyes while trying to navigate your lash lift in front of your bathroom mirror), the odds of having an even curl are few and far between. If you've ever tried perming your own hair with your eyes half-closed... an at-home lash lift comes pretty close 😅

A combination of factors may result in overcurled lashes - not washing out your lash perm solution adequately, an inexperienced lash technician using a silicon pad of the wrong size.

Source: Reddit

Regardless of the length of your lashes, a suitable lash pad size + an experienced hand will result in smooth, even lashes.
Lash Lift Even Curl The First Refresh

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