4 Practical Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Day Spa

by The First Refresh

You may have entertained fantasies of creating your very own home spa—think rose petals generously scattered in the tub, candles adorning each corner of the room and oh, don’t forget the plush robe that’s de rigueur for a picture-perfect evening in.

Alas, real life doesn’t quite match up to our day dreams most of the time. A good chunk of us don’t own a bathtub; candles can be a safety hazard especially if you have young ones at home; and methodically creating the ideal set-up can be exhausting.

But all is not lost. With a little imagination and a whole lot of pragmatism, it is possible to carve out a little sanctuary to soothe your body and mind after a week of hard work. 

We also know that DIY-ing your own spa treatments isn’t for everyone. If you prefer to call in the experts for a facial or manicure at home, some of our tips below will also help to make your space more conducive for a relaxing time. 

1 | Designate your sacred space

Choose a room or corner of your home and make that space your very own (at least for a few hours). Limiting the area streamlines the work needed for transformation. If random knick-knacks are an eyesore, move them out of sight or better yet, do a Kon-Marie. Decluttering is often hailed as a great way to clear the mind—a good start to your spa treat.

And if you have booked a manicure at home via a provider of mobile beauty services, grab the most comfortable, supportive chair you can find—reclinable works best if available. Plump up the seat with your favourite cushion and you’re good to go.

2 | Scent is everything

Safe and effective ways to make your room smell divine include mist diffusers and reeds. If you have pure essential oils at home, add a few drops to a basin of hot water and breathe the steam in. Alternatively, you can drop a face towel in warm scented water, wring it out and place it over your face for a few minutes.

Before you purchase essential oils, know that each scent serves a different purpose. For instance, citrusy ones like mandarin and grapefruit are known to be energising while lavender and chamomile might mellow you out. If you have a blocked nose, peppermint may help you breathe better—the cooling scent is also great for clarifying your mind.

3 | Prepare a set of handy items

When you have a spa stash at home, it is that much easier to decide on an impromptu pampering session. Here are some essentials:

  • A small tub for a foot soak
  • A large plush towel reserved for these “special days”
  • A small selection of your favourite essential oils or an aromatherapy candle
  • A few of your favourite ultra-moisturising masks for your hair, face and even your hands and feet
  • Herbal tea and a good book to enjoy as a closing ritual 

4 | Call time-out

This is possibly the most important item on the list. Just like you would schedule meetings at the office or social gatherings, set aside an undisturbed block of time for your personal home spa session. Inform everyone at home (in advance if necessary), switch your phone to flight mode and lock the door behind you—quiet time is the most overlooked luxury busy women truly need.