5 Makeup Trends You'll Always Love

by The First Refresh

Checking the newest makeup palette from cosmetics stores give you a rush, and filling your shopping bag with the trendiest hues provides you with endless play in front of the mirror.

While experimenting with makeup trends is fun, aficionados will understand all too well the short life spans of certain beauty fads—does heavy contouring bring up some embarrassing memories now?

Yet there are certain looks that have withstood the test of time—these are the ones we want to hone in on for they are fail-proof for many occasions in life. Here, we identify a few makeup trends (some are pretty new) that fall into this precious category so you can play dress-up with ease and confidence.


#1 The cat eye

This is perhaps one of the trickiest makeup techniques to get perfect, but the most gratifying. Also, it has been in vogue since well, forever, and for good reason. Designed to make your peepers pop, the cat eye can be pared down slightly for the office and it can also be amped up for date night with the girls. For versatility, get a fine-tipped liquid eyeliner and keep practising until you can get both sides even.

#2 The smoky eye

The smoky eye is complementary to the cat eye though the two need not go together. For a gorgeous smouldering effect, you will want a smoky eye palette at your disposal. To prevent smudging over the course of the day or evening, prep the lids with an eyeshadow base. Start with the lightest eyeshadow hue, applying it all over the upper lid. Blend in a darker shade(s) nearer the lashes after. Be sure to finish with eyeliner and a coat or two of mascara over curled lashes.

#3 Nude makeup

This is the look that screams, "I want to look effortlessly great." That being said, the no-makeup makeup look is one that takes time to nail because it is that much easier to start with clear and bump-free skin.

Prep your skin in advance with a skincare routine that involves weekly exfoliation and intense moisturising and brightening. Stay away from powder makeup; if you can, skip foundation altogether or choose a fluid, light-coverage formula. Boost radiance with cheek tint or liquid or cream blush. Finish with a coat of pink gloss on the lips. While you can skip eye makeup, getting lash extensions can make you look a ton more energised.

#4 Bold with blush

When you're running late and there's no time for anything else, just dusting on a good amount of brush can give you that healthy sun-kissed look in a jiffy. Other than going across your cheekbones, get the colour across the nose bridge too. Apply a lip gloss or balm and you're all set!

#5 The stained lip

If bold lipstick scares you to bits, the stained lip is a good compromise, and it looks equally classy and evergreen. It's hard to go wrong with application. Grab your lip product (lip stain, tint or even a glossy lipstick), swipe some colour with your finger and dab all over the lips. Love these looks but not sure if they are for you? Getting a consult with a professional makeup artist may just be the perfect solution. Book a Personal Styling session with The First Refresh, and our friendly consultant will swing by your home to help you look and feel your best for your special date or girls' night out.