5 Reasons you should book an at-home Hair Service

by The First Refresh

If you are long overdue for a haircut, blow-dry or an up-do, mobile hair stylists offer professional hair services in the comfort of your home with no fuss. Why go to the hair salon when you can have a professional hairdresser visit you safely at home? Mobile hairdressing services bring an enhanced level of luxury and comfort whilst saving you significant amounts of time (busy moms, this one’s for you!). Work, kids, errands, waiting time, all stack up in the odds against salon visits – with the recent Covid-19 pandemic, food deliveries and e-commerce is at an all-time high – why shouldn’t at-home beauty and wellness become the new norm?


15 minutes to get dressed. 10 minutes to get ready and hop in the car or public transport. 20-30 minutes of traveling. 20-30 minutes of waiting. Repeat. With mobile hairdressing on-demand, we estimate that you’ll save at least 1.5-2 hours of time with every service. For most of us, that’s value.

If you have a busy schedule, it can be challenging to find the time to head to the salon for a haircut. With work-from-home the norm rather than the exception, at-home hairdressing services offer the convenience and comfort of a haircut without ever leaving your home.  Getting an appointment for a hairdressing service is easier than ever!

Pick your timeslot, and continue on your way. No queues, no waiting, no traveling and no parking. With a little notice, you can even change your time and schedule to find a more suitable time for you.


Being in a familiar environment makes using a professional mobile service very easy and comfortable. Mobile hairdressing services come to you, so you don't have to venture out of the safety and comfort of your home. This gives you the privacy and leisure to read your favourite books, catch up on Netflix, enjoy a glass of wine or simply stay in loungewear without having to step outside.


Mobile hairdressing is a luxurious, pampering experience – AI-powered scheduling means that time is never an issue, allowing you to sit back, unwind and relax, all from the comfort of home. Hyper-personalization of our services tend to your hairdressing needs without any distractions.


Mobile hairdressing means you save on travel and parking. We’re super confident that our uber-talented hair stylists will leave you wanting more – so hard selling and packages are taken right out of the equation. Fully equipped with all the right tools, we offer thoughtful, professional advice for your hair service.


Our mobile hair stylists come with masks on and abide by strict safety measures to ensure your safety. Compared to crowded physical salons, mobile hairdressing services mean you interact only with our hair stylist, reducing the risk of Covid-19 within the safe confines of your own home.

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