Treat the Groom: beauty services for men before the big day

by The First Refresh

wedding beauty services for men

So the bridal party is set, you’ve booked your dream wedding venue, and the bachelorette party is planned and ready to go. 

At this stage in the wedding planning process, you’re starting to think about the logistics of the day - and when it comes to the fine details, the pressure is on. Besides ensuring everything runs smoothly, you have to look your very best on the day too - and this applies to both of you, not just the bride!

Ladies, where your beau might not give himself the time away for some pampering, let him know that he can - and should - do so! Here are some ideas to get you started - whether you’re setting him up for a solo self-care treat, or squeezing in some couples’ self-care before your big day. 

As tempting and normal as it is to fret over all the details of the wedding over and over again to make sure that you’ve got all bases covered, it’s important to block out some rest time to wind down and just have a quiet moment together before the big day. What better way to do so than slotting in some self-care  time? Little self-care fixes double as a much-needed break amidst the chaos of wedding planning, but also prepares you for the many pictures you’ll be the subject of. 

Read on for some beauty services the groom can indulge in: 

Two is Better than One: Book in for a Couple facials!

Facials provide the ultimate escape for that much-needed rest & relaxation. Slip away into a couple hours of quiet self-care, while giving yourselves the treatment for that extra hydration boost and glow you’ll want on the big day. 

Here at The First Refresh, our facials have male + female options available - all from the comfort of home. Try our Refresh Facial or our Renew Glow Facial - for that extra hydration, purifying and glow rejuvenation. 

Tidy those brows

Neat brows on the groom are a must for that clean-cut, fresh look. While it’s quite a small beauty enhancement, some brow tweezing or threading goes a long way in taming unkempt brows and tidying the wedding day look. 

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Manicure TLC 

A beauty fix to do either solo or together, some pampering for the nails is never wasted! Throw in a foot soak on top of the nail works and allow yourself an hour of not thinking about wedding planning. 

the first refresh wedding

Explore our fan-favourite Nail Oasis here, our spa mani pedi experience from the comfort of home. 

P.S. We also offer Bridal Nail services, specially for the bride, and express manicures if you’re looking for a fun way to treat your bridal party (think a bachelorette bash with your bridesmaids or stag night with the groomsmen). 

Hair & Makeup

The groom’s focus is very often on hair, and they might be looking for the best hairstyles for wedding ahead of the big day. 

While the most popular hairstyle for men might not suit all grooms, it may be time to get in a little extra help from the pros. Our team of beauty consultants are ready to advise you, with our Groom Styling service -  hairstyling on the big day, paired with light makeup, our Beauty Consultant will work her magic for your special day. 

wedding beauty services for men

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Although we might talk about how the wedding day is the bride’s day - there’s no reason why the groom shouldn’t get a little pampering himself too. 

With a little behind the scenes prep and some styling on the day itself, the groom will be refreshed, groomed and confident - feeling his very best and all ready for the big day.