Our Favourite Skincare Trends of 2022… so far

by The First Refresh

Image by Curology via Unsplash, pictured is two hands in the central of the frame, over the sink with face wash bottle on the counter

We still have a while to go before 2022 is over, but this year’s skincare trends is the gift that keeps on giving. Dermatologists and professionals are taking to Instagram and TikTok to tell us about the active ingredients to look out for, what they actually do, and the importance of SPF. As many of us begin to embrace this science-based approach to caring for our skin, we’re prioritizing minimalism as part of our everyday skincare routines. 

Going back to basics, here are the skincare trends of 2022 that have caught our eye: 

Guasha and Face Massage

Rooted in traditional Chinese medicinal practices, the guasha tool is now dominating the skincare industry as a must-have for all. Dubbed the breakout beauty trend of 2022, face massages improve circulation and aid lymphatic drainage. These soothing guasha face massages are often accompanied by the use of facial rollers - which are also great for under-eye puffiness! Using a guasha tool has boasted a variety of other benefits too, including alleviating headaches and soreness, improving product absorption, and toning the muscles in your face. 

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Repairing Your Skin Barrier

Experts have been stressing the importance of skin barriers, citing it as the key to healthy, clear skin. This is the outermost layer of your skin that protects from free radicals and other irritants. Damaged skin barriers cause issues like hyperpigmentation, dry or flaky skin, redness, itching or inflammation. This could be caused by anything from sun exposure, aging or environmental factors. If left untreated for too long, you leave your skin prone to acne and rosacea. 

How do you fix your skin barrier? Skin experts tell us that it’s all about hydration. With plenty of topical products specifically targeted at this, barrier creams and serums can be bought over the counter - and have boosted in popularity this year. 

Double Cleansing

Another skincare trend that’s all over social media - double cleansing. This method recommends cleansing your face twice, first with an oil-based product and then with a water-based cleanser. The logic behind this method is that different cleansers target different types of impurities, and using two types ensures a well-rounded cleanse - ensuring you get rid of any stubborn build-up that may have appeared throughout the day (think makeup or sunscreen residue). 

LED Light Therapy 

LED - or, Light Emitting Diode Therapy has gained traction in recent years, with the promise of being an efficacious, preventive measure to acne and aging. Infrared lights are emitted in different wavelengths and spectrums, which in turn have benefits ranging from stimulating collagen and elastin, killing bacteria, promoting circulation, reducing inflammation and tightness. LED Light Therapy treatments are usually offered as add-ons to other treatments, such as facials. 

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image by karelys Ruiz via Unsplash, pictured is a woman wearing a hair protectant receiving a facial massage


No matter your age, dermatologists will recommend applying your SPF religiously - and staying out of the sun as much as you can. While some sunlight can be good for you, sun overexposure is the leading cause of skin damage, increasing signs of aging above all else. Skincare gurus this year have been reminding us to pack on the SPF, and to look out for the ‘broad spectrum’ label on your products. 

Dermatologists, skincare fanatics and makeup artists have taken to social media to stress the importance of wearing sunscreen everyday. Reapplying your sunscreen every few hours will help to slow down the effects of aging, as well as other skin issues like hyperpigmentation and skin damage. 

Active Ingredients

Ingredient names like niacinamide, retinols, AHAs, etc. have taken the forefront in any skincare discussion. Brands like The Ordinary champion these at the forefront of their products, and we’re learning about what these active ingredients actually do for us. Commonly used is retinol (a 2022 skincare trend in itself), hyaluronic acid, and ceramides. Different active ingredients target different skin concerns - and dermatologists warn that certain combinations are not to be mixed. 

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At-Home Treatments 

The last few years have seen the rise of a new way of living, post COVID-19. As we see the possibility of remote work and technology-facilitated services, commuting to a spa no longer seems necessary. With options for mobile spas and at-home beauty treatments rising and more accessible than ever, you no longer have to compromise on busy lifestyles or family obligations - allowing self-pampering to come straight to you. Saving time and cost on travel, mobile spas work around busy schedules. Ladies in Singapore are now squeezing in their brow appointments between work meetings, and mani-pedis in the evenings while being able to spend time with their kids.

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Sustainable Beauty 

Up-and-coming beauty brands are championing eco-friendly and body-positive messages alongside their products. 2022 sees brands emphasizing natural beauty, enhancing the natural features we have. With beauty contributing to important causes, brands are encouraging us to feel empowered in self-care and beauty. From recycled packaging to refillable options and cruelty-free products, the beauty industry is ever-changing - certainly for the better. 

These are just some of the up-and-coming skincare trends we’ve enjoyed this year. With experts encouraging us to learn about what actually goes into our products and promoting that glow from within - mindful beauty comes to the forefront, and we’re all for it. The First Refresh promises #BeautyForGood, empowering women through beauty and working round busy schedules - because we're here to beauty better, with you.